Back to The Alice ~

We packed out of our quarters at Utopia early, and hit the track back to civilisation.

There was 160kms of dirt road before we hit tar. And then another 100kms or so back to The Alice, as it’s called out here.

I did the trip in good time, because in the Northern Territory there’s no speed limit. You can go as fast as is safe. It’s one of the few places in the world now where there’s no speed limit.

(The autobahns in Germany now have speed limits…)

Open road Open road sign

I found myself winding the Toyota 4WD rental up to 195km/hr.

It freaked me out a bit, going that fast – but the road was straight, there was no traffic, the 4WD was almost brand new, and there was no risk of roos.

Back in Alice Springs we had lunch, checked back into our very ordinary but comfortable motel (laundry, kitchen, friendly service, cheap) and then we waited until it got cool before we headed out for a 10km walk.

Alice Springs is full of tourists – most from overseas. Many are either on the way to, or have come back from, Uluru.

The town is also full of art galleries selling the most amazing aboriginal art. Quite a lot from the communities on Utopia. And the artworks sell for surprisingly solid prices.

I hope the people out there get a fair cut for their unique work.

The walk took us along the Todd River, which floods frequently (you wouldn’t think so out here, but the floods can be savage) – and then we wound our way up to Anzac Hill, which has a view out over the town.

Todd River

Tree on hill Hill

I took photos of white trunked gum trees as we walked back, and the light started to drop.

Tree.2 Tree.1 Tomorrow it’s a 450km drive to Uluru – a sacred and spiritual place – a place I’ve always wanted to see.

16 thoughts on “Back to The Alice ~

  1. Don’t you just love the light out there? And the strong contrast of colours between the ochre earth, blue blue sky and Aussie green leaves? Maybe not by birth, but definitely ‘my country’ now!! 🙂 Enjoy the ride out to Uluru and check out Mt Morgan on the way 🙂


  2. Hi Britta – yes the light at this time of the year has a particular quality. And it gets more interesting as the winter comes on – the colours become richer, more saturated. Looking forward to the drive tomorrow!


  3. Fabulous photos! Brings back wonderful memories, stuck in grey UK now but I will get back to that light and those colours as soon as I can! So often when I am walking on the North Downs Way where I live I quote Dorothea Mackeller! My Country….I look forward very much to knowing what you have heard from your latest truck stop!


    • Thanks – yes we’re a far hoy from those bleak UK downs! Glad you like the shots. I need to spend more time out here though, and I need to slow down more, to really capture the essence of it.



    • Hi Lynda – yes we drive to Uluru shortly. A full day’s drive from here. I’m in a quandary about how to shoot uluru, and not have it look like every other shot of the rock. I’m sure it’s going to be magnificent. Hope you and Dale are going well – hugs to you both, and to Stacey.


      • Bill,
        I don’t think you have to worry about your shots of Ayers Rock. Your shots are always superb and different than the normal. You have a better eye than most.
        We will take those hugs for Stacey. It is still Sunday here and at the moment we are in the dental emergency room with her. She had an abscess last week was given antibiotics but the chemo treatments cancelled that out. Her face is so swollen that her eyes are almost shut. Between the dental and the chemo she is having a rough time right now. Only two more chemo treatments though and the cancer appears to be almost gone.
        Love you both
        Dale and Lynda


        • Lynda & Dale –

          so sorry to hear about Stacey. Bloody hell she’s going through a rough patch at the moment isn’t she. But thankfully the cancer is nearly gone. Thankfully. It’s just now how you get through these next few weeks I guess. You two must know the smell of hospital waiting rooms only too well…

          our love to you both – and to Stacey,
          Bill & Jennifer.


          • Bill,
            Between your comment above and Jenny’s about the food blog, it reminded me of the hospital food. Most would consider hospital food as really bad but between Stacey’s daughter’s (our granddaughter) two near death ruptured appendix stays last August and Stacey’s surgery and chemo visits, we are becoming experts on hospital food. It is cheap and very very good. Dale has said a few times we should go over to the hospital and have the salmon. Trying to have some humor during all this!! Hooly Dooly!
            Love to you and Jen and all our PGS family.

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          • Dale has very black humour! But good that the hospitals have moved into the 21st century. There should be no reason to serve bad food to the public, especially at a centre for healing. bb xxx


        • The biggest, warmest hugs to you, Dale and Stacey, Lynda.
          I send you all every, EVERY best wish for Stacey’s restoration to 100% health very soon.
          Jenny xxx

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  4. Stunning photos Bill – as Lynda said they’re tops.
    A question … are you thinking of posting any photos on billsroadfood? This trip to the outback would yield some wonderful food stories. I do imagine though that you’ve got enough “on your plate” (excuse the pun!) without doing food stories too, and completely understand that you wouldn’t have time to do the road food blog on top of everything else that you’re doing. I hope you and Jen are enjoying some amazing meals in those outback roadhouses, cafes etc.
    Cheers – Jenny xx

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    • hi jenny – yes I’ve left the road food blog lapse for a bit, but I do need to revise it. Especially with the Italian and Turkish trips coming up so soon now. But as you say, it’s a matter of time. Believe it or not, I do have a threshold!!

      Thank you though for giving me a jig a long!!

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      • No worries Bill ! I do love the road food blog – so entertaining and fab foodie photos !
        Cheers – Jenny xx


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