Utopia – day 1

After nearly 4000kms of driving, the last 160kms on dirt, we got here.

Road to Utopia

To Utopia.

And it is Utopia.

There is a serenity here – a quietness – which stills the heart and mind.

It looks anything but Utopian. But the people here are content.

Community hut

It may not be what you might regard as Utopian, but it is for these people.

Yes they have their problems – we all do, elsewhere – but there is virtually no crime here, it’s a “dry” community, and there is respect for country, and culture.

Under tree

Lina by camp

It’s also very famous for its aboriginal art. Some artists’ work here sells for millions of dollars, and is collected by galleries around the world.

Today we met Cowboy. Cowboy is 74 years old, but he looks much younger. That’s because his diet has been largely goanna (big lizard), kangaroo and bush turkey.

Cowboy with dog

He’s an elder here, and a holder of ancient wisdom. He’s also a much sought-after artist.

We filmed with him late this afternoon while he was doing a painting. The painting will sell in Sydney or Melbourne for $25,000 or more.

Cowboy's truck

His works out of the back of an old meat truck just outside of Utopia.

Cowboy in truck.1 Cowboy painting over the shoulder

His family lives in humpies nearby.


While he painted, I did an interview with him for the intuition film. On the interior wall of the truck he had a graffiti-ed – ANGELS. 

Tomorrow we’re shooting with him some more. He’s what’s called a “wise man.”

Tonight Jennifer and I are staying in very basic quarters – kind of like shearers’ quarters. More basic than anything you’d get on the Camino. But it’s perfectly fine.


It’s a privilege to be invited into this community, and to spend time with gentlemen like Cowboy.

Cowboy with dogs

15 thoughts on “Utopia – day 1

    • Also I would love see him doing that art! As well as hearing what he has to say. I suppose they speak English but is there an indigenous language they speak as well. One of my favorite books I ever read was Mutant Message Down Under. It was inspiring and so interesting! (I think it was controversial to some)


      • Hi Kathryn, yes they speak local language – and in fact Cowboy speaks two different indigenous languages. I’ve come back to Alice Springs and discovered that he’s quite a well known artist!

        (I never read that book – I too. Heard it was controversial!)



  1. Wonderful post Bill and gorgeous photos – I particularly like the one of one of the Aunties – look into her eyes – wow.
    ‘Wishing you and Jen a very special time in Utopia –
    Cheers – Jenny


    • Catching up on replies Jenny – and just to say thank you, and yes it was a wonderful time up there. I could have easily stayed much longer, but we have to be in Uluru tomorrow for this big Consciousness Retreat!


      • Safe travels out to Uluru and for a wonderful time at the Big Consciousness Retreat – what a magical environment for the Retreat.


          • I can hardly wait to hear all about it Bill ! Share as much as you can with your PGS family !
            Hooly dooly !
            Love and hugs to you and Jen –
            Jenny xx


  2. Bill, such clarity in your images – the vast expanse of Father Sky, the richness of Mother Earth and the wisdom in the eyes of those who hold the sacred stories. Look forward to more insights.

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