Dallas – Day 9 / pt1

You have no idea how scared I am.

I’m scared that I’m going to look like a fool.

That I’m going to be publicly humiliated.

That I’m going to fail.

How high have I set the bar?

Or rather, how high has the bar been set for me?
By these stupid bloody Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays…

“Immense wealth”
“message for mankind”
“benefit to humanity”
“treated like a king”

Anything less than this will be a humiliating public failure.

I’ll be a laughing stock.

I’ll be ridiculed all around the world.

I’m well aware of this.

So why am I doing it?

Why am I setting myself up to slip on the galactic banana skin?

So openly and publicly…

Maybe there’s a part of me believes it will happen.

That this IS my destiny.

That this WILL come to pass.

Dr. Bhatt called it an “experiment.”

That’s how I’m approaching it – as an experiment.

And experiments have to be observed.

That’s how hypotheses become theories, and theories become fact.

In this case though, I’m the specimen on the petrie dish.

I’m the microbe under the microscope.

Curiosity drives me.

Always has.

I’m curious to see what happens.

I’m curious to see if this experiment will work.

I’m not invested in the outcome.

But I’m fascinated by the process.

Joni said something interesting yesterday. As we were driving around looking at these extraordinary palatial mansions in Dallas, she said: Millionaires don’t believe in astrology. But Billionaires do.

Do I think I’ll become a billionaire?

How can I possibly think that?

I can only think about a film I want to make.

A film that will be worth making.

And how I can make it work for the largest possible audience.

That’s all I can – and should – be thinking about.

The rest is up to the cosmos.

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8 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 9 / pt1

  1. By the sounds of it, so much has happened already in the 9 days. Just let it go. I rememeber when being taught Vipassana meditation, they said once you start attaching yourself to the body and it’s pain and doubting, you lose it. So let go.


      • For sure good advice! It is hard to not listen to the ego that likes to chatter away and confuse things in our head, but sounds like you just need to keep on track, being intuitive and listening to the heart. In the end it doesn’t matter if someone thinks you are off a bit, you know the intention and that is all that really matters. There are a lot of wackos that make amazing incomes by doing nothing of spiritual of intellectual importance, even though it is annoying and bothersome to me they are still famous and do well. It is hard to really hurt your reputation too severely, people seem very tolerant these days!
        Hang on and enjoy the ride!


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