Dallas – Day 8 / pt2

Today is Sunday in the US, and tomorrow people get back to work after the Thanksgiving holidays.

I have a week to manifest in Dallas.

I fly out in seven days – and so far I have yet to make my immense wealth.

I was expecting to be rolling in it by now.


Let me tell you about Dr. Rita Louise, a Medical Intuitive whom I interviewed yesterday.

She was a trip and a half.

I loved her.

Dr. Rita Louise

I asked her how she worked – how did she use her intuition to heal people. She shrugged and grinned and said: I don’t know. I just make it up.

We both laughed.

I loved her down-to-earth honesty.

And then she added: But somehow it works because they tell me later that whatever I told them to do fixed them up.

She was great for the PGS film because she spoke with enormous gusto about the mechanics of intuition, as she saw it. She agreed completely with the analogy of a car GPS – and endorsed this notion that we have a personal guidance system.

After the interview, and without my asking, she connected to her “people” and she told me that I should follow the breadcrumbs but not try to grab at them. The path is laid out for me to follow, but I shouldn’t try to rush it. I’d tried to rush things before and I’d messed up.

She was right.

Today we filmed with Joni again. She put me through an exercise. She’s prepared a book with over three hundred photos, each photo she’s carefully chosen for its symbolism.

She asked me to mentally ask a question, then pick at random four photos from the book. She then did a symbolic analysis of my choice of shots.

What was interesting was that of the four shots I picked, two were almost exactly the same. Both were pictures of three men standing in stark rock formations – in one of the shots the men were on the edge of a pool of reflective water…

men by pool

…in the other they were looking into the dark mouth of a large cave.

men at cave

Joni was quite amazed. She told me that out of the three hundred photos, it was highly unusual to choose two so similar.

I told her what my question was: What is my purpose? 

She interpreted my choice of photos this way – She said I was about to plumb the depths of the human soul, and bring light to dark places. This would begin to happen in three days, three weeks or perhaps three months. But she thought three days.

I don’t know what to make of this – but I too found it surprising that out of that huge book with all those different photos, I’d choose two shots so similar.

Late in the afternoon Joni’s sister Carol and her husband Robert generously invited us to the Yogananda film, AWAKE. It was screening in the Texas Theatre, an old historic cinema in which Lee Harvey Oswald hid out after shooting JFK.

texas cinema

I’d very much wanted to see this film, but it had finished its run by the time I got to California. This was a special one night only screening in Dallas.

It’s really worth seeing. I hope it eventually comes to Australia.

After the movie my wife, Rachit and I were invited to dinner at Joni’s house again – with her husband Daniel (French chef extraordinaire) cooking succulent BBQ chicken and snags.

Can you see what’s happening here?

The Indian astrologer said that after three days, good things would begin to happen, and people would invite me into their homes, and they would feed me and look after me.

It’s unfolding as he predicted.

But I’ve only got seven days now to fully manifest.
Cosmic Rays, come on guys, chop chop.
Roll your sleeves up and get to work!