Jennifer’s message

I recorded Jennifer giving me her message.

It was shot with a compact camera, to record what she said.

I will put it up on Vimeo for 24 hrs without password protection, if you're interested in taking a look.

Remember, this was videoed just for me, so I had a record of what she said. Not usual professional standard…

11 thoughts on “Jennifer’s message

  1. Bill, to quote Marie of the Sound of Music (just saw it yesterday for the g-zillions of time), sometime/somewhere you must have done something good to be blessed to have Jennifer as your wife this time. The ease that you two communicate, I feel, you have know each other for many times over and over.

    Her reading and interpretations also gave me goosepumps. Do you truly know how wonderful it is to have a partner that is on your wavelength or even beyond. Of course you are going to say yes, but from someone who does not have that ease of a relationship, I don’t think you truly know, because to you it just is.

    I believe we connected on your camino, because I saw you breaking down some of the “huff” and emerging as this soul that felt free to see your gendler side. I think your almost accident was a wake up call, but you still kept slumbering, even through the camino. But now, boy of boy, you are doused with buckets of cosmic knocks on your soul : Knock Knock – are you in there? Come on out and play!

    She is lovely and so much at peace with who she is. Strong, because you are not an easy person. You are lucky to have found her again.

    So go out into that sun, without the collar, you don’t need that stuff. Just stand still and yes open your arms wide and say I am asking and I accept.

    With much Light and Love to you both, your wacky friend. Ingrid

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    • Dear Ingrid,

      Thank you for saying this. Yes, Jen is special. Very special. Each day I thank my “lucky stars” that I met her. That’s an odd term really – thanking lucky stars. So many things we say connect to our stars, to our cosmology, without us even realising.

      I wouldn’t like to think though that I’m lucky to have her. That implies an imbalance. We’re coming up to 33 years of marriage. There has to be an intrinsic balance in the relationship for it to last that long. Which means that she must be lucky to have me, too.

      Ying and Yang.

      I met someone in Dallas the other day who hadn’t seen me in years. She said: Boy have you changed. So much softer and gentler. It’s hard for me to know if I’ve changed. It’s hard for me to know even if my attitudes have changed. I think they have. But I guess it’s other people who best see change in others.

      Here’s the thing though – and I’ve thought about this a lot – the Camino didn’t start these changes. I NEEDED to do the Camino to prepare me for changes THAT WERE ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

      Remember I couldn’t understand why I felt so compelled to do the Camino? And even at the end I didn’t know why I’d done it. And even after writing the book I didn’t know why I’d done it.

      Now it know.

      It was to prepare me for this. This period of my life.

      I needed the Camino to recalibrate, for the new course I was about to embark on.

      I hope that makes sense.

      I value your friendship Ingrid. I value your honesty and your edginess and abrasion at times, because I know it always comes from a place of love and support and encouragement.


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      • Yes Marie, it is one of the Gifts I was given by the Camino. Accepting… so difficult, but so simply once understood. To hear to see, but above all, then to accept. I hope to meet you next year. I will be on the Camino for 3 months.

        Abrazos Ingrid

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  2. Bill, that is what I mend about your Camino slumber. lol, I didn’t know I was abrasive… hahaha, I like that in a way, that means I am nobodys doormat. And yes, of course you are correct, you both are “lucky” That Ying and Yang thing gets me into trouble sometimes…. but that is my personal reflection overshadowing the possibility that balance is actually possible. And THAT from a Libra…

    That intrinsic balance in a long term marriage is not always the case and it still can work, simply by both honouring ones life contract one signs upon birth.


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    • Hi Ingrid,

      haha – maybe not so much abrasive as forthright! 😀

      Jennifer was telling someone the other day that she believes that children choose their parents. I believe that too. And sometimes unions are predestined, like I believe ours was, and is.

      We have work to do Ingrid!


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  3. WOW, talk about powerful. Thanks, Jennifer, for letting the rest of us listen to you and your interpretations of the messages given to you – and just on a very personal note, that orange colour is simply stunning on you!! Hugs, Britta


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