Dallas – Day 7 / pt1

Joni Patry is very credible.

As an astrologer she’s built up a massive client base, in the US and internationally, because she’s so damn credible.

Yesterday I sat opposite her and I listened as she read from my charts and told me things that would soon happen in my life – things which were completely overwhelming.

And yet possible.

That’s the scary thing. It’s all possible.

I’m now looking around Dallas wondering what it would be like to live here for the next eleven years.

I’m not saying I would do it, I’m just saying I’m quite capable of doing it.

Why not change your life on a dime?

Why not do something completely crazy and unexpected?

Why not follow your intuition?

How do I feel about all this? I feel somewhat confused. I mean, supposing these two astrologers are right? Supposing what they told me unfolds as they’ve said it will?

They both believe it will.

Do I?

Well, that’s the big question isn’t it, because if I don’t believe, it will never happen.

It’s like what Tinkerbell told Peter Pan – “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”


3 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 7 / pt1

  1. Bill when I had to decide where I should open my practise many years ago I did it using the YI KIN as tool and I followed up with what I found, no doubting,and it was a huge success.. even though my banker thought that was not a good project, because of its cost… in three months I paid back my debt. I should have used the same system for choosing my ex- husband.


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