Dallas – Day 7 / pt2

Okay, now it gets whacky.

You thought it was whacky before, right?


Now it gets really whacky.

My wife Jennifer woke this morning to tell me she had things she needed to discuss with me. Whenever she says that I think: Uh oh – what have I done wrong? 

We both got busy getting ready to go down to breakfast, and in the lift down to the lobby I asked her what did she want to talk about?

She’d forgotten.

We walked to a small cafe around the corner and while I was having breakfast she zoned out – then she started writing furiously.

I didn’t think much about it, but later she told me what had happened. She’d “asked” to get the messages again, and they were given to her. And she wrote them down verbatim as quickly as they came.

She doesn’t like to call it channeling. She describes it as getting downloads from her Higher Self. She thinks it’s weird. But she trusts it.

Interestingly, what Jennifer read out to me is not her usual speech patterning, or language.

So this is what she read out to me, from her scribblings this morning:

  1. Allow the change to take place.
  2. Communicate with that with which you wish to access.
  3. Do not be afraid to take the next step.
  4. Time to relax and trust those around you to pull the strings as you would on a movie set.
  5. Those that are helping you are far and wide – beyond your understanding.
  6. This challenge is given to many but few take it on.
  7. Think – if you are one of the few – how much assistance is available to you from those who were unable to take this on.
  8. Joni is your partner in action in Dallas. She will facilitate.
  9. Trust in Divine Order.
  10. Communicate one on one with that Divinity for direction.
  12. Trust in the light around.
  13. While it is not necessary to be outside, it would do you good to be in the sun. It is a force for your good.
  14. Put your physical body in the sun as a mark of trust and re-calibrate the cells of your physical body.
  15. Let go pain and suffering of many lifetimes.
  16. Do this through the love and commitment of others.
  17. Let them nurture you on your path.
  19. You must go forward. so do so with great glee and relief that at last in this lifetime  you have passed this point. And now only expansion is possible.
  20. The degree of this expansion is only limited by your belief in our ability to assist.

This is what came to her this morning.
Messages that she was told she had to give to me.

What do I make of all this?

I don’t disbelieve.
I am open to all possibilities.

Jen's notebook

9 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 7 / pt2

  1. A few years ago. Lots of impressive history but no story. As you said.

    After reading this post, I’m beginning to understand a bit more about your relationship with Jennifer. You’re like Luke Skywalker but older. She’s like Yoda but better looking.

    May the force be with you.

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  2. It came to me yesterday as I was sitting in a brief moment of the Sun as it slipped between the rainclouds — “Oh ! Of course, Bill is in Dallas now …

    I’ve not been following the blog recently — I was wearing a wrist brace for three weeks as it turned out that the injury I had from the fall at El Burgo Ranero on the way back from Santiago was both a sprain and a fracture ; and keyboard use just became too difficult for anything besides just watching videos on my computer.

    So I’ve not been following your adventures (though I’ve caught up now), and that one just came to me out of nowhere.

    So — here I am again, me and my (healing) wrist … 🙂

    I don’t disbelieve.

    I am open to all possibilities.

    That’s a neat summary of the basis of how I used to think as an agnostic, and it’s I think one of the best bases of a positive intellectual approach — to set aside one’s inevitable intellectual pride as much as possible, and realise that Truth mostly comprises what we do not know and what we do not understand.

    Your life in Dallas sounds similar in many aspects to my life here above Monte-Carlo, but similar as a mirror image, with much reversed — also, Monaco and its immediate surroundings are as a microcosm of life as you are experiencing it there, rather than being the same.

    It is fascinating that you have been confronted almost simultaneously with the poorest and the wealthiest, the most luxurious and the grottiest, the beautiful and the ugly — I live with these polar opposites on a virtually daily basis here, where each is fully integrated with its opposite in a manner I’ve never really ever witnessed elsewhere …

    … except to a certain extent on the Camino, mostly as it was 20 years ago, but also every time since, including this year.

    The richer on the Camino do increasingly try and draw themselves away from the poorer, in their networks of more expensive and better fitted hostelries, better quality eateries, their subtle or more overt acts of social distinctions — but for better and worse we are all thrown together anyway into a common adventure, and there is little enough that fundamentally distinguishes the ones from the others.

    I love it here at Monaco that this symbiotic commonality is a natural part of daily life, and on the Camino that there is at least an ever-present attempt to achieve the same — and you should not forget that the same, despite whichever artificial divisions, is right there in Dallas as well, except if you yourself set it aside.

    You haven’t been Astrally transported from one World into a different World — you’ve simply moved from one part of town into another.

    … as for Nick the Indian, Hey !!! He’s still just a phone call and a cab ride away !!! 🙂

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    • Wonderful to have you back on the blog Julian. Sorry to hear about your injury. I’m sure you have some stories to tell about your adventures.

      Thanks for your thoughts here. But one comment from me – I’ve not seen ugliness here. Never.

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  3. Hi Bill,
    This is awsome , it can apply for every one of us, just follow the arrows like on the Camino and do not look back . BISES


  4. Hi Everyone! Haven’t posted in awhile, although I have emailed with Bill occasionally. Tend to binge read when I have time and *feel* the *message* that it is time to catch up. I often read last posted backwards. Interesting, I listened to Jennifer’s video on this topic (fast forward to those who haven’t gotten there yet) and felt a heavy compulsion to transcribe it. The message may have been for you, Bill, but also for many of us. And I read back and you already detailed it. I have been in limbo, life-wise this past year. Youngest got married and is out of the house. Oldest moved to South Carolina, just beyond a weekend’s trip reach from Michigan and she is pregnant with her second set of twins. Mother/grandmother heart here understands that this is a part of life, but grieves…..but logically (yes logically, not spiritually) I know that the Divine is opening some white space in my life for something else to happen. I understand the message and anxiousness of waiting, Bill. That rings true for many of us too. (“Dear God, I KNOW you are preparing something for me, but the humanity in me that wants to *control* everything is getting impatient.) Keep posting. Keep inspiring. Let us all know what we can do to help. XOXO


  5. Dear Julie, thank you for this in depth comment. I’m becoming aware that what I’m going through is proving some inspiration for others. If so that would be very cool. But it’s not why I’m doing it. I’m doing it because I HAVE to do it. Even with all my doubts and fears. I hope thoug they some of what’s coming through,meh ether it be throug me or Jennifer or the astrologers, in some way provides you guidance. Bill xx


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