Dallas – Day 6 / pt3

Today I got a second opinion on my Indian astrologer’s prediction.

Some days ago I gave the Dallas based Vedic Astrologer, Joni Patry, my exact time and place of birth – the same details I’d given Dr. Bhatt.

Joni is one of America’s most renown astrologers. She’s written several best selling books on astrology, and she really knows her stuff.

She told me that over the past thirty odd years, all her predictions have proven to be correct, within the plus or minus of a person’s free will.

Today she told me things about my family – my children and my mother – that were bang on. Stuff she could not have possibly known. Very specific things, not generalisations.

She was uncannily accurate.

And her reading of my future today was consistent with Dr. Bhatt’s – although she was more specific. I won’t go into details here – that’s for the film. (We filmed the whole reading.) But it was amazing. She said she was amazed. She’d never seen a chart like it.

She said that all I had to do was keep following my path intuitively, as I’ve been doing, and these predictions would come to pass.

She was certain of it.

She also said that Dallas was the optimum place for me to be for at least the next 11-12 years. She said 2015-2018 was when it would all start to happen for me.

I talked to her in depth, on video, about astrology and how it all works. Vedic Astrology, as against Western Astrology, is a very complex science, and yet she was able to explain it to me in ways that I could understand.

She spoke passionately and knowledgeably, and it was a terrific interview – yet for me it was completely overwhelming. Because I’m starting to believe that it could come true…


4 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 6 / pt3

  1. Bonjour Bill,
    I love your yesterday post, your capacity to enjoy and to love all the `places and all kind of people, your open mind and flexibility. and the way you tell the story.
    About Dallas, from a simple french cartesian point of view, it is obvioulsly a better place to get a world renommée , than australia. ask nicole kidman. I wish you the best,. you deserve it.
    In my simple life I can testify that I only failed when I used reason and I got my best resultat when I went with the craziest looking ideas.AGAINST THE FLOW AND OPOSIT TO THE INTELLECT, POINT OF VIEW. BISES ANS HUGS.


    • Thank you Marie! Lovely of you to say so. It’s interesting you say that your best experiences have come through following your intuition. You are obviously very connected to your intuitive powers. And I seriously think that walking the Camino really does open up, or strengthen, those connections.

      Busses back mate!!


      • yes the Camino sharpens the intuition because it puts you in a place with no distractions that cut you from reality.


        • Also,though Marie, there is a spiritual energetic imprint on the Camino that is a result of “residue” left by the millions of pilgrims who have walked that ancient path, over the centuries. It seeps up into your soul. It changes you. It changed me.


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