Dallas – Day 5 / pt3

Our fortunes did a dramatic turnaround today.

It turns out the hotel that our benefactor has arranged for us is regarded as the top hotel in Dallas. The Adolphus is grand luxury. An elegant historic hotel right in the centre of downtown. We’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

The Adolphus

Our shift from the Shady Oaks Motel could not have come at a better time, especially for Jennifer. She woke up sick this morning – not from any ailment, but from the foul energies of the place. Also, the one good thing about the Shady Oaks for me – the wifi – stopped working. It was time to go.

I won’t reveal our benefactor, or the circumstances that led to us shifting digs today – you’ll have to wait for the film for that – but the timing was truly freaky.

It could not have happened any earlier because our benefactor had been overseas, and didn’t fly back into Dallas until the end of our Day Three.

First thing Day Four I got a message on my cell saying: “I will not have you staying in that HELL HOLE one day longer. I am coming around right now to get you out of that miserable dump!”

And that’s what happened.

So here we are, in luxury at the top hotel in Dallas. Exactly as the Indian astrologer had predicted. He’d said that after three days, I would be taken out of my cheap motel and accommodated in five star luxury.

Adolphus bedroom Adolphus bar Adolphus foyer

Please understand that this has not been orchestrated by me in any way. This is all happening outside of my control, or my knowledge. I was gearing up to stay in the Shady Oaks for fifteen days. But I have also been open to whatever opportunities might present.

Today – Thanksgiving Day – was spent with a lovely family in a beautiful part of Dallas. It’s the family of Texas’ top Vedic Astrologer, Joni Patry.

Joni Patry website

Joni has to be one of the most gorgeous generous people you could possibly meet. She’s married to Daniel, a former chef who ran one of the most acclaimed French restaurants in Dallas.

Needless to say the Thanksgiving meal that Daniel cooked today was magnificent. The Patrys had their family at the luncheon, and it was a wonderful experience to sit and talk with them on this special day.

Again though, the Indian Astrologer’s predictions were bang on – that after three days I would no longer be eating cheap food. Today I feasted.

After lunch, we drove to Daniel’s sister’s place – passing through the Bel Air of Dallas. The mansions were extraordinary. The word palatial is selling them short.

Over there lived the founder of Walgreens, and over there lived one of the major shareholders of Exxon Oil. Oh and Ross Perot lives down that street.

It was incredible.

Highland Park market

Once again, I thought about how my circumstances have changed so dramatically so quickly. Two days ago I was walking around neighbourhoods where I was worrying about getting shot.

Now I was hobb-nobbing with the elite of Dallas.

Daniel’s sister is Evelyn, and her husband is Fred. They have a magnificent house – you could call it a mansion – and they generously invited us to a second Thanksgiving meal, a dinner, but we had to gratefully decline. Jennifer was still not well, and we had to go check into our new luxury digs.

Things are moving on other fronts. Financial. I won’t go into it yet, but things are now in process. This would not be happening had I not come to Dallas on November 23rd, and taken in the cosmic rays.

By the way, Nick the motel owner at the Shady Oaks came over and said goodbye to us as we were leaving this morning. He was sad to see us go, and I must admit I was sad to be leaving him. He was, and is, a wonderful man. He actually followed the car out and stood on the sidewalk and waved to us as we drove away.

That’s a memory I’ll never forget.

Nick at car



4 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 5 / pt3

  1. Wow! Certainly starting to happen. I was expecting it to in some way. I studied Astrology years ago so I’m a believer in the cosmos or universe or god or whatever you want to call it. Keep on flowing with it.


  2. Way to go!!! Enjoy the lux and bling 🙂 Britta
    PS – thanks for your post on the tragic death of Phillip Hughes. I’ll email you separately, but thanks for sharing yours and Jennifer’s heartfelt feelings right now.


    • Hi Britta – I must admit I was crying as I wrote that post. It has upset Jennifer and me in ways I can’t put into words. I had always thought he would be a future captain of Australia. He just had something about him. He was classy. I hope someone names a prominent stand, or oval, after him.


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