Dallas – Day 5 / pt2

We checked out of the Shady Oaks this morning.

As I was putting the bags in the car, the man in the room next door drove up.

I went over and talked to him, and in fact ended up doing an interview with him for the film.

His name is Albert, he's a large man, and he confirmed that he's been living in the motel for eight years.

He lives with his girlfriend who never comes out of the room. Her legs are paralysed from high blood pressure. I assume diabetes.

We had an interesting chat.

He's a former serviceman in the Armed Forces, and now works in a warehouse. He's hoping that he'll retire soon, and with his retirement fund he'll have enough money to move out of the Shady Oaks and buy a house.

He's a deeply religious man. He told me he'd been an alcoholic and a drug user, but he was now off all that, thanks to the Lord. He thought astrology was the work of the devil.

He gave me a fascinating interview.

And as he walked away he told me he hoped the Lord would save my soul.

I hoped the same for him!

Right now I'm in a cheap Mexican joint having Heuvos Chorizo, waiting till I can check into the Adolphus Hotel, the five star we'll now be staying in.

And soon we'll drive to our Thanksgiving lunch, which promises to be a huge spread. Our host has invited some people whom she thinks will be possible investors.

So it's a big day ahead!


2 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 5 / pt2

  1. So good that you met Albert and were able to hear his story, Bill. No coincidence that you were staying next door to him.
    The Dallas posts have been and continue to be completely wonderful – thank you for all the time and effort you’re going to with them.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jen and all our PGS family – xxX


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