Dallas – Day 6 / pt1

I woke up at 4:42 this morning.

No sounds from next door woke me.

Just me woke me.

This room is impenetrable.

And huge.

And clean.

And it has hot water.

And toiletries, and big fluffy towels.

But it lacks story.

The other room at the Shady Oaks had story.

And story is important to me.

It’s my life.

The people yesterday at the Thanksgiving lunch were so generous and kind to us – Jennifer and me and Rachit.

Rachit is a wonderful young man.


He’s quiet and respectful and he emanates such a gentle calm energy.

And his observations are always incredibly insightful.

He will often give me a perspective I’d not considered.

Joni Patry, the Dallas Vedic Astrologer, is heaven sent.

She’s taken it upon herself, within her own very busy schedule, to help me get my film made.

She believes in it whole-heartedly.

The cosmic rays have put us together for this endeavour, I have no doubt.

And for that I’m incredibly grateful.

I’m finding that Texans are very warm and friendly people.

I love Dallas.

I asked Jennifer yesterday if she could live in Dallas for eleven years, which is the period the Indian astrologer said would be most beneficial for my cosmic rays.

And she said yes.

She said she loved Dallas. And she could happily live here for eleven years.

Me too.

Some people said to me, before I left Australia, that they pitied me having to spend time in Dallas. Someone even called it a “boring, ugly, and hideous place.”

I don’t know how they can say that.

For a start it’s not ugly. It has to have one of the most spectacular skylines I’ve ever seen.

The architecture of some of the buildings downtown is simply breathtaking.

And the wealthy suburbs I drove through yesterday were as beautiful as any in Beverly Hills or Bel Air.

But I also find incredible beauty in the poor parts of town. The places some of you might call hideous.

cash register

I find not only aesthetic beauty in these places, but beauty in the human spirit.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, we had breakfast in one of these poor parts of town – in a Mexican taco joint where a full breakfast costs $4.95.

eggs choizo

Across the road, a cafe called Norma’s Cafe was offering free food to anyone who turned up. There were lines around the block. Hundreds of people, most of them Mexican.

Families came with cardboard cartons for the food that was being given away.

Normas giveaway

What generosity of spirit.

I see beauty in that.

It’s now Day 6 – Black Friday in America.

Black Friday is the post Thanksgiving shopping day, when all the stores give big discounts and everyone goes on a shopping binge.

Like the Boxing Day sales in Australia.

Evidently it’s a mad scramble to pick up bargains.

A frenzy.

Really, it’s fear.

Fear of missing out.

Fear of lack.

But there’s no lack.

We all have everything we need.

And if we don’t, it will come.

It will come faster to those of us that don’t act out of fear.

I know that.

taco table setting

10 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 6 / pt1

  1. ❤ loved this post. The Ying and Yang of Life. Wealth is measured in so many different ways, but in all I believe it is in the giving and sharing that pays the greatest dividend.

    Did you sit at table 13? It is one of my "lucky" numbers. Out of curiosity I went on Joni Patry's astrology site. Intriguing. I put in my birth information and my Nakshatra is bang on. Hmmm!

    There have been 2 times in my life that I got my horoscope read by a gifted astrologer. Once, my mother had it done for me during my first year in Canada when I was 21. It was so spot on. The second time, I went myself, about 7 years ago and it was such a revelation. That one, I too, have a recording of. 😉

    I am glad Jennifer is feeling better. She must love you to the moon and beyond the stars to stick it out with you at the motel, considering the energy was making her ill. Someday, I would love to just sit with her and exchange stories.

    So, when are you moving to Dallas? A tad closer than Australia. Will need only 1 broomstick to get there 😉

    Light and Love as always Ingrid


  2. Dear Ingrid, you know you are such a sweetheart. I mean it. You have been such a strong supporter of this blog for such a long time now. And you’ve followed my crazy antics with such loyalty. Thank you. Jen is very pleased to be out of the Shady Oaks. She heard things the other night through he walls which really upset her. I was asleep and didn’t hear. But then that morning she woke up sick.

    We’ve now had two offers to stay in people’s homes. These Texans are very gracious.

    And as for horoscopes and astrology, we’re going to find out more from Joni. She has done my charts separately to Dr, Bhatt, so we’ll find out if what he said stacks up or not.

    And as for moving to Dallas – well, Jennifer and I are open to whatever the Cosmos puts in front of us!

    Bill xx

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  3. I love this post also, I appreciate your way of going from poor and simple places, to relate to the struggling people to the luxury and the people that come with. And your capacity to enjoying yourselves , be happy , and find positive things in both.When you talk about about the lack of history of your comfy room , I thought about the Camino, and the difference in between sleeping in comfy hotel versus sleeping in albergues, and all the things you are missing in the hotels..
    have the most incredible day, and bisous a jennifer.


    • Thank you Marie. Yes, sometimes the fancy joints aren’t nearly as much fun, are they!! Jennifer says Dallas is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people. We are amazed at how friendly and welcoming everyone is. We really love it here. Take care mate. Bill xx


  4. This is a strange comment, but I really loved your Camino book. You already know that because that’s how we came to be acquainted. Do you recall the phrase that was repeated over and over again in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”? It was, “Who are those guys?” I loved that. I thought it was funny the first time, but every time I have watched that movie, that line that is said 4 or 5 times in the movie makes me laugh. You did that same thing in your book with, “Ivan the Terrible and His Beautiful Wife Giovanna.” It made me laugh every time I saw it. It is just my opinion, but whenever you refer to the cosmic rays, you really should say: Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays. I mean. Really. Call ’em what they are. They are getting short shrift.

    And I, as many others who have seen it, enjoy the photo of you in the silver collar. It’s very becoming. Can’t wait for the movie to discover all the things you are not saying.

    BTW, why Dallas again?


    • Hi Rebecca – haha, yes I should keep calling them The Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays. Good call!

      Why Dallas? That was the place the Indian Astrologer said was the optimum place on the planet for my Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays. I asked him why Dallas too, and he just smiled and said it was his secret, but Joni the Dallas astrologer did her own calculations and she came up with Dallas too. One thing I’ve learnt about Vedic Astrology, it’s incredibly complex. These guys use sophisticated software to figure it all out.

      Thank you for your comment. It made me laugh!



      • OK. I love the English language. And I love to be precise. I’m not sure what made you laugh, but I hope it wasn’t that I said I thought saying I loved your book was a strange statement. Of course, what I meant was, I loved your book AND I’m about to make a strange statement that has some tangential connection to it and your post. Eh?


        • Hi Rebecca – no I was laughing at the memory of writing “Ivan the Terrible and his Beautiful Wife Giovanna.” That made me laugh while I was writing it, and it made me laugh thinking about it when you recalled it just now. Thank you for saying how much you liked the book by the way. That was very sweet of you. Bill


  5. We had this same conversation about Black Friday in our house. It is all about being left behind or missing out. The panicky feeling that permeates the day is too much for me. There was even an Extreme Couponers Black Friday edition on TV. I had to turn it off. That is part of intuition also……not only listening to what we need to do, but listening to what we shouldn’t do.


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