Los Angeles – Nov 23rd

Well, I woke up at 3:33am.

I’m not going to google what that means. It’ll probably have something to do with bloody angels.

I wish the little pesky critters would leave me alone.
I would like an ANGEL FREE ZONE for a while, guys.
Buzz off.
Get lost!
Go annoy some other cosmic sucker.

Okay – now that’s out of the way…

I haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Today is November 23rd after all, the day I fly out to Dallas.

Last night I went through all the gear with Ratshit. (Gee I hope he doesn’t read this blog….) I still haven’t figured out the radio mike. I’ll have to read the instruction manual on the plane.

I can’t believe I just wrote that. I’ll have to read the instruction manual on the plane.

Jeeeeees. I’m winging this.

But there’s no other way to do it, other than intuitively. I have to play by the rules. And as soon as the Indian astrologer Dr. Bhatt said that I had to go to Dallas, I knew that I had to go to Dallas.

Soon I will head to the airport. I have nothing lined up in Dallas. I don’t know where I’m going to stay. I don’t have a clue. On arrival I’ll get the free shuttle into town, and then I’ll allow my PGS to guide me to wherever I should stay.

All I know is that it will have to be under $50 a night.

I’d prefer some place where there’s not a strong likelihood I’ll get shot, or robbed. But hey, I’ve got those little pesky angels to protect me, right? So I should be sweet, wherever I go.

What’s going to happen over the next fifteen days? Is my life going to change? Will something happen that will lead me to this immense wealth that Dr. Bhatt predicted?

Who knows?

I’m giving myself over to the Cosmos, to do with me as It so chooses.

Please, be gentle with me….


10 thoughts on “Los Angeles – Nov 23rd

  1. Hi Bill –
    Wow! It’s all about to happen! ‘Hope you and Jen found somewhere really cool to stay – somewhere without chenille bedspreads and somewhere in the motel complex that’s away from the glare of the neon sign! I’m watching with great interest from a cold and rainy (but still wonderful) London.
    The CSJ meting and lunch yesterday was unbelievable – the pilgrim energy was so powerful …. You could just about bottle it!
    Cheers to you and Jen – Jenny xx

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    • Hey jenny – yes we found a place finally. Took a while. Everywhere was either a chain motel or too expensive, or both. But the place we’ve found is fine. I’ve just put up a post on it. Hope London is wonderful, and not too cold. There must be Christmas decorations up everywhere. London is truly beautiful this time of year.

      Glas that you’re having a pilgrim experience there too. Those people have a potent energy. But so do you!!

      Bill xx


  2. Bill I feel anxious ,
    it is very strange because YOU ARE THE ONE THAT GO THERE but it is like if I was in a theater , watching a suspens movie and something is going to happen to the heroe and I am clinging to the armchair but it is not as movie it is REAL LIFE , it is incredible .. to be continued

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    • Marie – you are so beautiful. And you express yourself so gloriously in a language that is not your primary tongue.

      Thank you!! But we’re fine. Although someone said something quite profound to me while I was in Brisbane. he said the things that kill you happen suddenly. most times. You never see them coming… haha


  3. Thanksgiving week is upon us and I want to shower blessings on you this next week, and share my gratitude for you and your wife and the interesting journey that you have been vulnerable enough to share with us over the year. We are glad to have met through your Camino blog, an unusual way, and we hope that when you are very rich “like a king” you will continue to be the Bill we have come to know and admire. I am confident Dallas will be interesting. (Whatever happens I already see you as rich; of mind, experiences, friendships and family.) Happy Thanksgiving Bill and Jen.


    • Dear Kathryn, thank you for these heartfelt thoughts. You and Michael are unique people, and Jen and I are blessed to know you, and know many of the others on this blog too. All of them unique individuals. Quite extraordinary. This is a crazy path I’m on – but I’m learning a huge amount, and I hope that through this blog, and through the film too, some of that learning will stick with others. If so that would make me very happy.

      On your second comment – yes I brought a pair of black snakeskin RM Williams boots. They’re super cool. And some Wrangler cowboy shirts I bought in Moree. I thought I had to try and fit in!!

      Say hello to Michael for me…



    • Dear Kathryn, I can’t imagine that anything that happens in Dallas is going to make ANY difference at all on the sort of (generous, fun, interesting, emphatetic – you get the drift!) people that Bill and Jennifer are. As I’ve said before, we’re blessed to be part of their journey! 🙂 Britta


  4. Bill you woke up, I went to bed. I have been up to about 3:33 most nights for the past few weeks. To many times I wake up startled, so I figured, might as well be up, feel what happens… say ok already,now let me sleep. It works most of the time. 😉


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