On the eve of Dallas

I’m nervous, I have to admit.

Tomorrow morning I leave Los Angeles early and fly into Dallas. And then it all begins.

15 days.

Cheap motel.

Survival food.

No money.

Just beneficial cosmic rays.

I expect nothing. I’m doing this out of curiosity. Playfully. But under this playfulness I’ve set my intention. My desire. And that is to let it all unfold as it should.

As has been written in my stars.

Whatever happens.

I go there believing. But determined to have fun. Because it’s crazy, right? What I’m doing?

Some of you, maybe most of you, perhaps ALL of you, must think I’m nuts to go to Dallas because an Indian astrologer told me to.

But I think there could be something in all this.

Anyway, it’s an experiment. The Texas Cosmic Rays Experiment.

And very least, I’ll come back with a suntan!


9 thoughts on “On the eve of Dallas

  1. Welcome to the 23rd! There is the suntan, and possibly a bit of a rest. You have been going and going like the “energizer bunny”. Light and Love Ingrid


    • There won’t be time for rest unfortunately Ingrid. If I’m to make a film about of what happens in Dallas, then I have to shoot a minimum of 5 minutes of edited footage a day – and given we operate on a shooting ratio of 20:1, that means I have to shoot at least 100 mins per day, or a bit under 2 hours. That’s a lot of shooting. So I am going to be flat out!


  2. Bill, I have quietly read every word you have written in your many Blog posts. I am intrigued and surprised at what has taken place over past months. You have certainly educated me in subjects about which I know very little and for this I thank you. I now wait to see what the cosmic rays provide. I am sure it will be more than a suntan!!
    Blessings to you and Jennifer.


    • Hi Anne – I’m pleased that you got something from my previous whacky posts! I do find it fascinating stuff though, and the more I read, the more I believe there could be something in all this. Thank you for your well wishes, and I’ll pass on your kind sentiments to Jennifer, who never reads this blog, and certainly never reads the comments!!



  3. Bonne chance Bill, something has to happen, seems that uour life is like a movie , a telenovela , like we have in france and spain, always something ha


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