Have you asked?

I seem to be plugged in right now.

Jennifer and I had lunch today with a financier who has taken a real fancy to PGS. He sees it as the next The Secret. He’s taking it to a bunch of his clients.

It was a very productive lunch.

After lunch Jennifer and I drove to The Grove, which is a huge shopping mall just east of Beverly Hills. It’s like a giant theme park, but very chic. It was decked out with very stylish Christmas decorations.

Adjacent to the mall is a massive carpark, and I usually get a park there very easily, but today it was crowded. I drove around and around, looking for a spot – but it was full.

I was getting frustrated, in part because parking spaces usually come very easily to me. I have very proficient “parking angels.” But today they must have been out to a late lunch.

So I drove around this carpark for what must have been twenty minutes. It was driving me nuts. I just missed several spots which were quickly snapped up by other drivers who’d seen the parking space milliseconds before me.

My frustration level was mounting.

I muttered between gritted teeth to Jennifer that I usually get a park here no problems at all, and she calmly answered: Have you asked? 

Damn, she was right.
She’s always right.
I hadn’t asked.

If you want something from the Cosmos, you have to ask. That’s rule #1. Your people can’t help you unless you ask them for help.

So I asked.

I asked for a parking space right near the elevators.

And bloody hell – sure enough two spaces immediately became available. Two motorists began to pull out just as I drove up. And they were within fifty metres of the elevators.

After some twenty-five minutes of driving around, I suddenly had my choice of two parking spaces in the most perfect spot imaginable.

All because I asked.

I must admit I was a bit stunned.

Sometimes I forget that this stuff actually works. Or at least it works for me. And what the esoteric literature tells you is that your angels or Higher Self or whatever you like to call it does these little paltry things just to remind you that they’re there for you for the big stuff.

You just have to ask.

And trust.

And then you have to be aware. Because sometimes the offerings aren’t as obvious as two motorists pulling out in front of you. Sometimes you have to look around, because the signs aren’t always immediately apparent.

But they’re there.

First though, you have to ask.

Jen in carpark

14 thoughts on “Have you asked?

  1. I want you to know I don’t post often but I am reading via my emails! Jennifer, that is a gorgeous picture of you! And Mr. Bill, thank you for this post today. I am asking for things in my life right now. Sending love to you both!


    • Hey Julie – lovely to hear from you.

      Yes, that’s one of the reason’s I posted that blog – to remind people that the facility is there, if you ask, if you trust, and if you keep aware of what’s coming down the cosmic pipeline for you.

      I hope you get what you ask for. I’m sure you will!


  2. Doris Day Parking is what we call
    It here! I chant “Doris Day, Doris Day find me a Parking spot right away.” Or, Rock Star Parking please! And guess what? It always works! Xoxo


  3. That was a clear answer and confirmation!! Love it. Glad that you are in SO. Cal and hoping that the California cosmic rays will shine bright on you as well.
    I know you aren’t here long but give us a hoot if you have free time, we could meet up somewhere.


    • Hey Kathryn – lovely to hear from you!

      It would be great to meet up, but I don’t think we’re going to have time before Dallas.

      We leave LA tomorrow to drive north to Santa Cruz, then to Petaluma north of San Francisco on Thursday. We have meetings at both places. Then Friday we return to LA for back-to-back meetings, and on Saturday our assistant flies in from Delhi. Then Sunday Nov 23rd we fly to Dallas, and it all begins!!

      But after Dallas we’ll possibly be back in LA – that’s unless we stay longer because of the Beneficial Cosmic Rays. (Please note the use of caps!) Actually, in the textbooks they’re referred to as GCR, being Galactic Cosmic Rays. I would like to think of them as BGCR, being BENEFICIAL Galactic Cosmic Rays.

      So if there’s a chance after Dallas then yes it would be great to see you again! Would love that…



  4. Hi, Bill ~
    You seem to often make comments that parallel things that happen to me. This is one of them.

    I have been trying to figure out how I’m going to get all my equipment and money for the trip, etc., and feeling under a bit of pressure and not sure how it’s all going to work. I’m trying to leave it in the Lord’s hands, but I believe he expects us to do our part. Then, a couple of days ago a thought occurred to me. Not a thought really, inspiration: I need to ask. Here’s how it came to me. I have never been married or had children and yet I have often given gifts and lent my home to bridal and baby showers. I need to have a Camino Shower. That is if I can find a friend who will throw it for me. It would be a bit tacky (although it WAS my idea) to throw it myself. I’m not likely to ever get married and too old to have children, so I don’t think it’s too crazy, but we shall see! I think it could work!!

    You just have to ask.

    One of the things I need is a camera that is small enough, but takes great photos and decent video for me to v/blog with it. This is where I need a bit of your expertise. Can you give me a couple of ideas for me to check out since this is your thing?

    Can’t wait to see what happens to you in Dallas!!!
    Your Camino Friend,


    • Hi Rebecca –

      what a great idea to hold a Camino Shower. That’s so cool! It should prove to be very productive, I’m sure.

      Regarding a camera – it really depends on how much you want to spend. The small compact camera that I’m raving about at the moment is the Sony RX100 Mk3. But it’s about $900. A great camera though, and I’m actually using it on my Dallas shoot as a 2nd camera to get spontaneous moments. It has full professional video specs yet it’s a very small discreet camera.

      The other camera I like is the Fujifilm X-E2. That’s a slightly larger camera, but wonderful image quality with stills. Video functionality on it though isn’t crash shot.

      Anything that Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Panasonic make are pretty damn good. If you find a camera that you like, just let me know beforehand and I’ll give you my take on it.

      Very exciting!


      • Unless I get a really generous friend, $900 is out of my range, but I’ll check out a few and get your input. I’ll definitely keep you posted. Is “crash shot” an Aussie term? I’m guessing it means it’s not great for videos?


        • haha – yes, if something is not crash hot, it means it’s not very good. I guess it’s an Aussie term. And yes, $900 is a lot for a compact camera. But it’s a pro-level bit of kit. I’ve seen pro photographers use that camera to do full page magazine spreads for travel mags, where a small light camera is needed. The image quality is amazing for a small sensor camera.

          So yes, send me some info on what takes your fancy, and I’ll give you my two bob’s worth.

          (that’s Aussie slang too meaning I’ll give you my opinion… 🙂 )


          • One Aussie phrase that still use is when someone “isn’t the full quid,” although that may also be a Brit phrase. I like that one. I never heard anyone say anything about a shrimp or barbies while I was in Australia, but I love the accent . . .

            I’ll get back to you on the cameras.


          • The term “barbie” is often used, but we never refer to prawns as shrimps. Shrimps are the tiny little crustaceans that aren’t worth the hassle of eating, they’re so bloody small!!


          • Maybe I never heard barbie because I was a missionary! Yeah, they are the tiny little ones here, too. Prawns would be more the barbie type of food. :-}

            I can’t wait for my Camino Shower!!

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