Where am I?

It's 4am.

I've just woken up.

Where am I?

I guess you could cal it a mansion.

But it's too elegant for that.

It's at the end of a long winding private road, atop a wooded hill that looks out over a bay in Northern California.

We had to drive through two security guarded locked gates to get here. Past deer that wandered lazily in front of the car.

The grounds are palatial. Worthy of being called “botanical gardens.” Waterfalls, fountains, and at night it's lit like a fairyland.

The guest room in the guest house is more than five star luxury. The guest house is bigger than most people's regular houses. And certainly more luxurious.

We could want for nothing.

Our hosts' generosity and kindness is humbling.

Where am I?

I can't tell you.

All I can tell you is that the people who own this house, this mansion, this… magnificence… are helping me with my film.

They are aware, present, connected.

They are special people.

And three days out from going to Dallas, I feel the cosmos is already starting to work its magic.




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