The Cosmos is kicking in already…

I landed in the US yesterday – flew into LA – and already the universe has kicked in.

I won’t go into details.
However I’m astonished at how fast things seem to be moving.
And I haven’t even got to Dallas yet!

Before leaving Sydney, Jennifer and I had lunch with our three Camino friends – Jenny, Britta and Janet. Three of the most beautiful women you could ever hope to meet.

I’m now calling them The Three Caminos, which is a riff off the movie, The Three Amigos. 

Three amigos 2

At the lunch as well were two equally beautiful ladies, Narelle and Angela – both Camino veterans, and both fascinating women. Angela this year has walked 1600kms.

I find those that walk the Camino, and particularly the repeat offenders, if I can use that term, are fascinating people. You don’t walk the Camino without having a story within you. I love to hear those stories. I’m enriched by them.

Jenny began the lunch with a dedication reading from the John Brierley guide book – one of his spiritual passages. It’s a tradition for The Three Caminos when they get together for a lunch.

Lunch was a wonderful buffet of vegetarian food. And to top it off, Narelle brought out a lemon merengue pie which she’d made, with Camino arrows on it.

Man o man it was yummy!

Narelle with pie MCU pie

After lunch the conversation came around to the Texas Cosmic Rays Experiment, and someone asked about my PGS – what was it telling me would happen in Dallas?

Before I could answer, Jennifer jumped in and reminded me that as soon as we’d walked out of the astrologer’s office in Mumbai, after he’d given me his prediction, I’d told her that this was the way we would finance the film. That we had to go to Dallas, no question.

And my PGS is still telling me that.

But I don’t expect it.

I’m not being contradictory, it’s just that I’m not expecting anything from Dallas. I’m open to all things, and I’ll be exploring options, opportunities, and forming relationships, but I’m not expecting anything.

I have to allow the cosmos to unfold for me as it should.

And it will.
I expect that much.

I know, because it’s already started.

three Camino angels

19 thoughts on “The Cosmos is kicking in already…

  1. Love it Bill, the Three Caminos… lol. Nice picture Jenny, how was England, or are you there now?

    Bill, btw, the # 3 coming up for my family on the 23rd. My husbands birthday, his aunt who is turning 90, and my daughters partner son in law. Busy cosmic rays indeed.

    Looking forward to your Dallas stories. Light and Love Ingrid (who is sweeping the first snowfall off her porch)

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    • Hey Ingrid, we talked about you at lunch, saying what a lovely energy you brought to the blog, and generally. We have to meet soon – you and I. Perhaps at Toronto next year, if all goes well??!!

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      • Thank you for the compliment. Would love that, not sure if the time tables are meshing. It seems we are in Europe at different times. Also, if you should come to TIFF next year, I will not be back yet. Such is the wheel of time, at some time our path will cross.

        Just as a reminder, I will be in Portugal by the beginning of July, thinking of flying into Lisbon, stay with Natercia and Jose for a few days and be a tourist. Sintra is on the list and then not sure yet about where I will start walking. Probably in Porto to Santiago. Depending on a possible 2 weeks as Amiga, Santiago or my friends Tracy’s place in Caratona (by Muxia) will be my homebase. Walking Santiago, Fisterra, Muxia and over to Ferrol to Santiago. Miraz last 2 weeks in August. So then there is September that probably will see a shorter walk on the Norte and possible visits in Cadiz. It really depends on my volunteering time and placements.

        FYI, 2016 will include Ireland, Scotland, England and maybe some other camino.

        All written in the stars and at the pleasure of the Universeal wisdom.

        Blessings Ingrid


        • Crikey, it’s going to be a big year for,you next year! Seems like we won’t meet up, but who know? Let me know if you do walk from Porto because I can give you some tips. And point you towards some good restaurants!

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          • Yes, please, it’s all in the food eh! I was going to go back onto the Portugal blog and re read, but I am sure you have a short list that is handy and other stuff not written about. I might not be staying in hotels as much as you did, but would love to stay in the place of the family whose daughter you hired on as a driver…lol.

            Thank you Bill for offering the information. Hugs to you and Jennifer.


    • Hi Ingrid –
      I leave this afternoon for London and one of the first things I’ll be doing is racing over to the Tower of London to see the wonderful Poppies display. A fair amount of the poppies have now been removed but there will still be enough of them to get a sense of the enormity of the whole display. The CSJ meeting and lunch is on Saturday and I will be seeing quiite of my fellow 2014 hospitaleros – can’t wait!

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  2. Hi Bill and Jen –
    That’s so fantastic that the Universe is already cranking things up for you!
    Thanks for the great post re the lunch – it was so much fun and it was so good to be able to have a really good catch-up with everyone. Norelle’s pie was sensational, wasn’t it!
    Cheers and best wishes for ‘everything wonderful’ to happen for you both in the US.


    • Please, Jenny, not the Bananas in Pyjamas!!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful time in London and thanks again for getting the rest of us organised on Saturday.


  3. Yes, Bill, it was a special day and good to catch up with both you and Jennifer. Enjoy Dallas and the US in general, whatever it might throw at you! 🙂 Britta


    • Great to be back in the US Jill. So quiet this time of year. And Dallas is going to be COLD. Brrrrrrr. It would be great if you could swing across, but it looks like we’re going to be busy!!


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