Bombay Astrologer’s Prediction – Part 1

In preparation for my impending trip to the US, I went back over the interview with the Bombay Astrologer, Dr. Bimal Bhatt.

I’ve decided to make it available for a short time on this site, broken down into three parts.

I’ve taken off the password protection for 24 hours. After that time it will no longer be available for public viewing.

I should also explain that my principal focus is in making my intuition film – INTUITION IS YOUR PERSONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM. While I’m in Dallas I’ll be continuing to work on that film. Already I have some fascinating interviews lined up.

And later when I return to California, I’ll be shooting for the PGS film exclusively. I’m excited at what’s lining up to shoot there too.

What I film in Dallas over that fifteen days might be a sequence in the PGS film, or it might be a Special Feature on the DVD, or it might be a small documentary that’s sold as a companion piece to the PGS film, or it might be a separate stand-alone documentary.

I won’t know until the end of that fifteen days.

If you think I’m going to be sitting around in a scummy motel room waiting for something to happen, filming myself gazing up at the heavens waiting for the cosmic rays to deliver, baby you’re wrong wrong wrong.

Already I’ve had people from Dallas approach me offering to help, to be involved in the filming, and to connect me with the powerful and the rich. Plus my two billionaire friends from Bombay are lining up stuff for me in Dallas too.

I’m going to be very busy.

All that aside, the time spent in Dallas is going to be an important step forward in the production of PGS, which is my singular goal – to make that film and get it out to the widest audience possible.

So here is the link to the first part of the Astrologer’s prediction. As I say, it’s in full and not edited in any way, other than top and tailing. It will be up for 24 hrs only.

Link to : Bombay Astrologer’s Prediction – Part 1

astrology chart 2

1 thought on “Bombay Astrologer’s Prediction – Part 1

  1. Absolutely fascinating interview Bill – thanks for sharing it with us all. I’m really looking forward to Parts II and III. America is going to be amazing!
    Cheers – Jenny


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