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There’s a new film out – playing in selected theatres in America at the moment. It’s called AWAKE, about the life of Yogananda, the bloke who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi. 

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The New York Times says:

…the story itself is compelling, as is the testimony of devotees. It’s not surprising to see interviews with Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra and George Harrison (who died in 2001). It’s a bit more so to hear contemporary scientists marvel at Yogananda’s understanding of neuroplasticity decades before Western science considered it. Much is made of a report that the only book on Steve Jobs’s iPad was Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi.” That’s enough to make a modern soul look inward.

Here is the full New York Times review of AWAKE

Check out the trailer for the film.   Trailer for AWAKE

And please support it, if you can –

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7 thoughts on “Yogananda documentary

    • Hey Marie – yes I hope to be able to see the film while I’m in northern california next week! I hope you enjoy the book. It’s a classic. hugs and busses to you!!


    • I’ve made an approach to the filmmakers to meet. Perhaps if I do, I’ll see if they want distribution in Australia. The film could do quite well here I think…


      • So I have to learn yet another aspect of this modern world we live in, eh?! 🙂
        I sort of like to sit back in the cinema or my sofa to take it all in in comfort – what happened to that world, I want to know!!


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