Camino coincidence?

Jennifer and I were invited to a pre-Dallas lunch on Sunday by a wonderful Mudgee winemaker.

Mudgee is a beautiful wine growing district about 4hrs drive north west of Sydney. My cousin is a photographer here and took these photos of the district –

Lunch was on Sunday afternoon, on a shaded verandah looking out over their expansive vineyards. Their house is nestled in classic Australian bushland, with kangaroos grazing under distant shadowed gum trees.

They’d invited us to lunch to find out all about Dallas, and the Astrologer’s prediction. They were intrigued. They’d also invited some friends, and they too were eager to learn more.

At the lunch table I was seated next to a lovely lady whom I’ve known for some time. She and her husband are retirees, and used to run one of Mudgee’s premiere wineries.

Jennifer sat opposite them.

The lady dropped in conversation that she soon wanted to walk the Camino. She had no idea that I’d walked it. None at all. She just let slip that she intended to walk it in the next year or so.

I quickly realised she’d been bitten. She was gone. She had the Camino virus!

We chatted and she asked a lot of questions. And of course I was more than happy to talk about my favourite subject. Jennifer too. Jennifer’s conversation were always on a more esoteric level, of course!

Soon the conversation came around to coincidences, and angelic interventions, and into spiritual areas which seemed at odds to the surroundings – a magnificent lunch with vintage wines on a glorious verandah overlooking one of the most picturesque sights imagineable, shared with a bunch of elderly folk who weren’t short of a quid!

The deeply spiritual talk seemed at variance to the worldliness of the occassion. And yet also it seemed absolutely right and natural. And I mused to myself how far the Camino has spread –

The lady wanted to know about my book, so I pulled out my iPad to show her the Amazon page, and as I did I noticed on the screen that it was 3:33pm. This struck her immediately as being a sign – validation from the spirit world that she must do her Camino.

I talked to her about my 4:44am, and how sometimes these signs are attempts by greater powers to simply grab your attention, and remind you that they’ve got your back.

It was a fascinating lunch, and conversation, and the lady felt it was no coincidence that she’d been invited, and had been seated next to me and opposite Jennifer.

I would not be surprised if she walks the Camino sooner than she thinks.

By the way, an update on my brother and his son, currently walking the Camino Frances: they were last seen heading to Sarria. They still haven’t stopped for a rest day. Incredible. And they did no training prior. And they were not fit.

Goes to show, hey?

There is an energetic imprint on that pilgrimage walk that is powerful beyond words.