The Dallas Experiment has begun…

Late yesterday I booked my flights to Dallas.

I will be arriving in Dallas on the 23rd of November, the day that the astrologer told me was the best time for me to be there, according to the cycle of the moon.

For those of you new to this blog who don’t know what this is about, take a look at this:

The Prediction – 

Bimal (the astrologer) called it an experiment, and so that’s what I’m calling it:

The Dallas Experiment. 

I’ll film it all – each day for fifteen days – and as per Bimal’s instructions if good things begin to happen, then I’ll stay on.

As well, it looks like Bimal’s business partner Pradeep is going to come to Dallas, then accompany us to Los Angeles at the end of the 15 days to introduce me to Bikram Choudhury, of Bikram Yoga fame. And possibly to Deepak Chopra as well.

Pradeep is not only immensely wealthy, but he’s a crazy man – truly crazy. But he’s also someone who can make things happen. If Kevin Bacon is six degrees of separation from each of us, then Pradeep is one degree from Barack Obama.


Anyway, already he’s been incredibly influential in lining things up for us on the film. It was through him that we ended up at the Parmarth Niketan ashram at Rishikesh, and as a consequence I met Sadhviji and Swami Chidanand.

The Swami’s interview will make a very powerful contribution to the film. Days later, I’m still buzzing from the encounter.

The film continues to guide me. To reassure me.

A day or so ago Jennifer and I were at Delhi airport, having just proceeded through security. Before leaving India I’d wanted to buy a particular book on the Ramayana – the sacred Hindu epic.

As I was looking for the book a store employee walked up. He was impressed that I, a Westener, was interested in Hinduism. We got to talking and it turned out he came, from all places, Rishikesh.

He then directed me to a book on Vedic Mathematics. The Vedas are very ancient sacred scriptures that constitute the fundamentals of Hindu beliefs.

I remembered that the astrologer had said that his predictions for me were simply mathematics, and I mentioned this to the employee. He told me that it was very true – and that if the astrologer told me these things, then they would happen.

Now thinking back on this brief interchange in a bookstore at the airport, it seems like the Cosmos had placed this bloke there to give me a last little bit of encouragement before I hopped on a plane and left India.

There are no accidents, no coincidences.

I pulled out my iPhone and did a quick interview with him. I’ve posted it up on my PGS TV channel on Vimeo. Here is the link:

The Dallas Experiment #1 – The Delhi bookstore bloke

I’ve created this PGS TV channel to provide video updates on how the film is progressing – and also to post strange little incidents like this. Bookmark the site if you wish to stay in touch with what’s going on…

But back to Dallas…

So I’ve made the bookings, and I’m going. Fifteen days in a cheap motel, eating cheap food, with no money, making myself available to whatever the Beneficial Cosmic Rays place before me.

I love my life…