Assisi Tour update

In amongst everything else, I’ve updated the Gone Tours website.

I’ve now included testimonials from the previous tour, a photo gallery, plus a slightly revised itinerary for the Assisi tour next year.

The only change I’ve made is that we’ll now be having our rest day in Gubbio, which is an amazing historic town – a little Umbrian gem. Full of small winding lanes and buildings which haven’t really changed much since medieval times. And fabulous restaurants!

We’ll be staying in a beautiful three star hotel right in the heart of the historic centre, so on our day off there’ll be plenty to do, if you want to. Or you might prefer to sleep all day!

We have nine now confirmed for the tour, and we’ll probably close it out at 11 – so let me know if you wish to join us. Contact me on:

ext umbrian restaurant

5 thoughts on “Assisi Tour update

  1. So you, Bill, of all the billions of people on the planet have managed to squeeze more than 24 hours into your day, eh? Otherwise, I can see how you manage to do all that you do!!! 🙂 Britta


    • Ah Britta, it’s called jet lag mate!!


      I hate being bored. So I try to keep myself busy. Productive busy.

      You can be busy and race around and do a lot of things, but not be forward-moving busy. Not be achieving things.

      I see it a lot on movie sets, with young people. They expend a lot of energy, but not in a way that’s productive. And so when they actually need to be productive, they’ve run out of puff.

      It’s about how you allocate your time. At the end of the day I do a bit of an audit and ask myself what have I actually ACHIEVED today? Sometimes achieving rest is productive. Even machines break down if they don’t stop and do maintenance. Rest time is productive time too.

      But you see I don’t have a job. I’ve never had a job. Not since the age of 22. I’ve always made my living by creating things. Whether that be films, or tv shows, or scripts, or photos, or stories for publication.

      So if I don’t create things, then I don’t eat. And I don’t love, because I need to create things to love, as a human being. Haha, that’s an auto correct typo. I meant to say “live,” but perhaps “love” is a better word…



      • I love that auto correct mistake! LOL. When my creativity is set aside I also feel less alive as well, and probably am not as loving.
        BUT Bill, You are some kind of an energy superhero !! How you manage to keep track of all the details, of all these ideas and projects, and keep them moving forward blows my mind! I think you are a bit savant in this area. You are a time master!
        I am quite an idea machine as well, but I could never manage to execute many of the ideas because they would be too hard keep track of, my life would be total chaos and I would be more exhausted!! To retain any semblance of peace in my life I have to curtail my brains activity (meditating helps) I am always prioritizing and reminding myself that I can not jump on all the ideas, even if they are totally fantastic ones.However, I am considering that if maybe I learn to be more intuitive and divinely guided on what I choose to give my attention to then maybe when it is divinely guided, somehow, the time and energy and organization is provided?

        WOW, Your Assisi trip looks wonderful the food photos are mouthwatering!


    • It should be fun Donna. We’re almost full now – we have nine confirmed, and we’ll probably close it off at 11. And Duncan hasn’t even put it out to his clients yet. These nine are people who’ve either done the previous tour, heard about it on the blog, or through word of mouth. It’s a wonderful group…


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