A period of reflection…

I'm on the plane coming back to Australia.

I can't sleep.

I need to process these past six weeks.

It seems such a long time ago now that I walked down to the ghats in the heart of Bombay, set up my camera, and filmed the early morning rituals of worship.

That was my first day.

Since then I've filmed at the Ganges, in the shadows of the Himalayas, at the Duomo in Florence, and at the Vatican in Rome. I've also had the privilege to interview a living saint, and to engage with some of the wisest and most spiritual minds in India and Italy.

I didn't get to speak to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, but I will. I dreamt that I would, and so I have no doubt it will happen.

I've learnt to trust the veracity of my dreams.

Some of the people I've interviewed have said some pretty powerful things to me – things which I need to think deeply about.

I've been so flat out, intent on the making of the film and all the technical and practical detail associated with that, that I haven't had a chance to really stop and think about the larger ramifications of these past six weeks.

You can't embark on the making of a film about intuition, and not delve into spirituality. Even science, at its most profound level, defaults to an acknowledgement of something greater beyond quantification.

Einstein's quotes on intuition and God are the stuff of t-shirts. And Steve Jobs, a consummate mathematician and designer, was an ardent follower of Hindu beliefs. Google search Steve Jobs and intuition, and see what comes up.


I have about four weeks in Australia before I go to the US, and film The Dallas Prediction, which I guess is what I'll call it.

In these next few weeks before I leave I have to liaise with the editor and review everything I've shot, and begin to discuss style and content. And I have some Adjunct Professor work to do up in Queensland with my university, which I'm looking forward to.

But first I have to recalibrate.

That for me is a five day water fast, which I'll begin once I return to Mudgee. That purifies my body and mind. Gets me focused again.

I also need to reformalise my yoga practice, which means 75 minutes each morning at sunrise. Like I used to do…

And I'm going to begin to meditate again. I used to meditate when I was studying Buddhism, when I was young – and whilst I never became an adept practitioner, I found it helped me enormously in the way I structured my thoughts and emotions.

It was a Jesuit Priest in Rome who advised me to meditate. Strange that he should tell me to meditate, and not pray. But he said that now I've embarked on this intuitive and spiritual journey, I should deepen my connections.

So I'm taking his advice.

It was Pujya Swami Chidanand – the living saint – who also said to me: You have been guided. Now you must guide.

That hit me hard.

I guess I should meditate on that one hey?


10 thoughts on “A period of reflection…

  1. Home safe Bill and Jen!
    I’m thinking more and more about visiting you while you are in Dallas. \
    Or might you be passing through Tucson on your was East? Let’s stay in touch.


    • Hey Arlene – thinking about the schedule, I doubt that we’ll have time to drive. We’ll be flying through to Dallas, and back again. If you can make it over, that would be wonderful!


  2. Enjoy reconnecting with yourself, your environment, your family and your work back home. I leave Denmark in a few days and although my plans and needs are not as extensive nor pressing as yours, I understand the need to ground yourself at home. Can’t wait to walk on Manly Beach!! Take care in these next few busy weeks 🙂 and of course hope to see both you and Jen before you leave again. Britta


    • Hey Britta – you’e had such an amazing trip. I’m sure it will be strange to return to Australia, particularly as it must be getting chilly where you are. And here of course it’s starting to hot up. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Bill


  3. Bill,
    Some profound things happening. Awsome! and working from a centered place will benefit you greatly I am sure. ( 75 minutes of yoga is ambitious if you have not done it in a while! Remember that a yoga ad meditation practice are very personal. No rules, just the time that you need and works for you.)
    Ask for the help and it will come! Ultreyia.


    • Hi Kathryn – I’ve been doing yoga for nearly thirty years now. I began because I have two metal plates screwed into my spine, from a car accident when I was young. At one point my yoga practice became such that I seriously considered doing a teacher training course. But in these past couple of years I’ve slipped back to only doing maintenance yoga – a little each day – not the intensive stuff I was previously doing. I miss it. And now I want to build back up to it. But I know yoga well enough to know that you can injure yourself if you allow your will, and your ego, to override what your body is telling you. I will listen very clearly to my body!

      Thank you for your well wishes…



    • Hi Donna – jetlag walloped me again this morning, so will have to do it this arvo. But yes, it’s going well. I’m enjoying getting back into it. And the fast is going well too. apart from anything, I’ve dropped 3kgs in 2 days. But weight loss is not why I’m doing it. It’s to purify and recalibrate, as I said…


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