Vatican, Opus Dei, and PGS

It’s getting dark here now as I sit in my hotel room near the Pantheon in Rome – with busker street guitar drifting in through the window – James Taylor’s You’ve got a Friend. 

I feel like crying.
Today was so emotional.

Two fantastic interviews – and in both I was told that I had a friend – a Guardian Angel – which is what saved my life in New Orleans.

in university church

@bill bennett

The first interviewee was a wonderful scholar from a University inside the Vatican. He was a world renown physicist – and in studying the cosmos, he came to believe there was more to the universe than science could explain, and so he joined the Church.

He subsequently got his PhD in Theology, joined Opus Dei, and began to use his knowledge and understanding of science to understand the divine.

The second interviewee was also a member of Opus Dei – a Professor of Philosophy, again at the Vatican University. He spoke clearly and lucidly about Guardian Angels, and said that each of us has not only one, but many angels guiding us through life.

And here’s the thing, he said: We don’t have to believe in Christianity, or be religious at all. Our angels will still work for us – providing that we ask, he said. We have to ask. Otherwise the angels think we’re not interested in them, and they get bored. If we pay them attention, through contemplation or meditation or prayer, then they pull out all stops to help us.

He then went on to describe how the angels communicate with us – and talked of coincidence, synchronicity, numbers, songs on the radio, chance encounters, and other ways the angels try to give us messages.

Both men were articulate and highly intelligent, and they put their points of view forward in simple concepts devoid of religious dogma. If anything, they were almost reluctant and even embarrassed to bring religion into the discussion.

Opus Dei it turns out isn’t the big bogeyman that Dan Brown made out in The Da Vinci Code. They are made up of mainly lay people who basically believe that anyone can achieve sainthood or Christ consciousness, and that there’s sanctity in everyday life.

In that sense they’re not dissimilar to the Buddhists, who believe that anyone can become a Buddha, if they follow certain precepts.

Both interviews today fed the film wonderfully – not only because they open out the discussion to include spirituality from a religious point of view, but also from the perspective of science and philosophy.

As the sun began to drop we then went to St. Peter’s square, and filmed right under the noses of the Vatican police. Because we are a tiny crew with a small discreet camera, we were able to get away with shooting our required sequences without being put into a dungeon and being given the Spanish Inquisition.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
(thanks Monty Python…)

Silhouette 1

@bill bennett

A great day of filming – and tomorrow we have two more interviews lined up that promise to be just as fascinating. Then tomorrow night we jump a plane back to India, to get our interview with the Swami from Rishikesh, who will be in Delhi to launch his six million word encyclopaedia on Hinduism.

This is going to be an amazing film…

me at Vatican with glasses

Bill Bennett at the Vatican @bill bennett

17 thoughts on “Vatican, Opus Dei, and PGS

  1. Bill,
    As a very young child I was taught this prayer – I was brought up Catholic. This was one of the prayers I prayed at my bedside on my knees each morning.

    “Guardian Angel
    My angel dear
    To Whom His love
    Commits me here
    Ever this day
    Be at my side
    To light and guard
    To rule and guide. Amen”

    It is so strange your post brought this little child’s prayer to the forefront of my mind.


    Fabulous post, as always! Godspeed my friends.

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    • Arlene, oh this is so similar to my childhood prayer. My mother, who was born in the former Yugoslavia, only knew prayers in her native tongue. So I prayed in Slovenien until I attended school. I remember my first catechism class, when Pater Tomas, asked everyone, to come to the front of the class and say a prayer. Well I only knew my Sveti Angel… so that is what I prayed. Standing out from the crowd was not my thing then, so it was a bit nerve wracking.

      This prayer immediately came to mind, once I read yours, because they are so similar. Translated, something like this:

      Holy Angel, my Guardian,
      You always are with me
      By day and night, by my side,
      Protect me from evil!
      I kindly ask you, to protect and keep me. Amen

      Blessings Ingrid

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  2. Loving your blog and look forward to seeing your film when it comes out. In the meantime, relishing your fabulous photos–today’s, in particular, are truly stunning. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you Geraldine. That first shot is a very powerful image, if I say so myself. But I still fall way way short of where I wish to be photographically.


  3. It’s intriguiging Bill to follow this blog and get some insight into the how’s and whys of the making of your film. I will be so excited to actually go to a cinema and see the end product.



    • DearDeb –

      many thanks. And I have to say it’s intriguing for me too behind he camera! But it’s also a lot of fun, making this film. I’ve wanted to make it now for over a decade, but only recently did I feel I was ready – to make it!



  4. Boy, Bill did I need this post! My only sibling, my 72 year-old brother, Mark passed away on Friday. I have been praying for courage and guidance while facing his death, and assisting his 30-year-old daughter through the grief associated with such a great loss. I was raised Catholic so I know about guardian angels. I was never privy to the fact, however, that they get bored if we don’t seek guidance. In fact, I was raised to believe that it better be something REALLY serious before you ask the angels for help. You have given me a fresh perspective when it was needed. Thank you, my friend. I cannot wait to see this film! Hugs to you and Jen. Julie


    • Dear Julie –

      so sorry to hear about your mother.

      Mothers passing are particularly difficult, because it means you’re no longer a child. No matter how old you are. That’s hard to accept, and sometimes very frightening.

      And part of grief is the loss of familiarity – adjusting to the fact that the person is no longer ere at the end of a phone, or so you can visit and chat with.

      But what I’m learning from this film is that there is no loss, because that person who has passed has merely shifted into another realm, and is with you still.

      The professor yesterday said to me: animals accept death as a natural part of life. We are the only animals that don’t.

      It hit me very strongly when he said that…

      I will put these interviews in full up into a Speciaal Featires section of the DVD or whatever later on, because there is so much wisdom coming through that’s not necessarily linked to intuition.

      Thoughts and blessings with you at this difficult time,


    • Thank you Ingrid.

      This whole italian episode has been so incredibly important to the film.

      At the airport tonight I will write a post looking at it all in overview.

      This film is becoming richer than I thought…



  5. Hi Bill – I’m a firm believer in guardian angels and know that each time I receive a sign, it is my guardian angel guiding me – it’s always at the right time, just when I need guidance.
    Wishing you the best of everything for the remainder of your filming – Jenny


    • Hi Jenny,

      Interestingly, one of these gentlemen yesterday talked about asking his Guardian Angle for a parking spot! He said in Rome, it’s a “miracle” to get a parking spot! And whenever he asks his guardian angel, he gots a parking space just where he needs it!

      He says they do these little things like this to demonstrate that they’re there, and can help you…


  6. Very interesting Bill. I enjoy reading your blog. It made me recall that when I was a child I used to say this prayer although no-one taught it to me and i was never sure who I was saying it to

    protect me from evil influence and guide me to the truth

    might be time to resurrect it

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    • Hi Sean,

      Very pleasing for me that you’re getting something from the blog. The making of this film is a truly wonderful experience for me, and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity – and to share it. Hope all is well with you. Bill


  7. Bill, I LOVE this photo of you with the sun creating a wonderful crown of light over you! It is telling!! You should frame that one or use it for a book cover or something.
    I am so interested in all of this, I wish I was a bird on your shoulder as you go about your research.
    I do talk to my angels. I know I have a parking angel, even my family tells me to talk to my parking angel if they are in the ca and we need a spot. It seems silly, but I always call on my parking angel when I am gong to the beach or another crowded venue. I started doing this about 8 years ago kind of experimentally. I can rarely think of times that I have not found wonderful spots to park . On the rare occasion I don’t, I am ok with it and figure that there is a reason I need to walk farther. I never stress about parking either way now. It is nice to be reminded that our angels/guides/saints… are there and able to help us in life. When my loved ones have issues that are difficult I pray for an angel to go to them. I like to envision an angel flying right to them and then holding them, leading them or protecting them. If nothing else it brings me comfort.
    Thanks for sharing some of these interesting morsels! Things are really coming to you.
    (The other photos are also wonderful!)


    • Hi Lathryn

      haha, thanks for the comment about the photo. In fact when that shot was taken we were dodging the Vatican Police, who were patrolling in a car and looking suspiciously at us – but our video camera looks just like a regular tourist camera, and so they couldn’t really stop us. The wonderful thing about the advances in technology is that you can use these small cameras now and they will give you not only broadcast quality images, but cinema quality images. Truly amazing!

      As for angels, I now firmly believe in them. And there are many more details that a re emerging in these interviews that I don’t have time to really elucidate on – but will be in the film.

      The Italian sector of the film has been surprisingly successful. I didn’t think we would get as much good material as we have.

      One thing which has come out of this though – we have to go to the Middle East, and in particular to Iran, to get the Islamic viewpoint. and the views of the Sufis. Th Middle Eastern Mystics.

      So I will be looking for more funding for that in the new year! But first I’m going to need funding for the U.S. shoot, which is coming up fast. We arrive in LA a week before Nov 23rd, which is when I have to go to Dallas for the astrologer’s prediction.

      That is going to be a fascinating 15 days!



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