The Prediction…

For those of you who have been following this blog recently, you’ll recall that an astrologer read my charts while I was in Bombay.

I’d given him the exact time and place of my birth – and it took him several weeks to do all the calculations.

The astrologer wasn’t some street corner soothsayer – this man is a billionaire many times over, and he’s made his fortune by following his own astrological charts.

He’s a lawyer, he has a doctorate, and his holdings include145 companies that straddle banking, finance, media and gaming. He’s been studying astrology for the past 35 years.

His predictions for me rocked me to the core. They seemed so wild and unbelievable. I filmed it all, not realising as it all unfolded what the stars had in store for me. I’ve since done a cutdown of the sequence, (thank you Rachit for all your help mate!), and here it is:

11 thoughts on “The Prediction…

  1. Bill,
    I’m looking forward to the Dallas adventure.
    I am very thankful for Jen and your support. You are the best! And you deserve the best!
    Thanks for being my friends,


  2. Hire me please, as soon as you have your Billion …

    I’m at the Toad’s, which is comfortable, and near to two thirds on my Way.

    The Tourigrinos seem to have developped their own Way and their own infrastructures — the annoying people now are the Hikers.


  3. Tried to watch the video, Bill, but with my significant hearing loss I cannot understand the words. Rats! But this reminds me to ask that, if funding permits, your PGS film be closed captioned so that myself and other deaf and hard of hearing patrons can enjoy and benefit from your film. Hugs to you and Jen! Julie


    • Hi Julie, the video has not been properly sound post produced yet – but yes of course, the film once completed will be close captioned. That in fact is a legal requirement now with Australian films.

      Hugs back mate!


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  4. SO fascinating Bill! Looking forward to the inspiration you find. I love what he said about breathing.


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