India to Italy

Today Jennifer and I leave India and travel to Italy to continue filming.

We’ll be back in India in early October, to shoot the interview with Swamiji Chidanand and do a few more pickups before returning to Australia.

bill with Ghandi

Then in early November we head to the US. I want to do some filming in the Stats before I head to Dallas, because according to the astrologer’s predictions, from November 23rd on I can’t leave Dallas for at least fifteen days.

Yesterday was another of those crazy serendipitous days. Where things just fell into place for me, and for the film.

We began filming early, at the Dalai Lama’s Temple – and then I got a phone call from my Pradeep.

Anyway he wanted to know how the filming was progressing, and asked my schedule. I told him we would soon be flying to Delhi. Pradeep lives in Bombay but he said he was currently in Delhi, and when I land I should contact him and we should meet up.

Pradeep is immediate. Everything has to be done now. He is literally a self made billionaire – and knowing him now as I do, I can see how he made his fortune. He is impetuous, he is very very smart, and he follows through.

He is also incredibly frugal. He will spend an eye-watering amount of money on a hand made diamond encrusted watch, and yet he will refuse to call me on my Australian mobile, because it costs him. He sends me SMSs to call him.

Anyway he came over to our hotel and asked if we wanted to have dinner with a friend. Jennifer and I were exhausted, and needed to pack for our trip tomorrow, but Bimal has become a very good friend – plus he’s an enormously charming and funny fellow, so we said yes.

He took us in his chauffeur driven S series Mercedes to a house which has to be the most magnificent residence I’ve been in during all my time in India. For a start it was a stand alone house in the centre of Delhi, which is very unusual. It was magnificently built architecturally, rising three stories with a huge basement too.

billionaire #2

Inside it was like walking into a Vogue Living residence. The opulence was understated but unmistakable. The artworks, the plush furnishings, marble floors everywhere. The house included a huge room set up as a temple, because he and his wife are very religious. They have a staff of four just to look after the temple – not to mention all the other staff for house keeping, cooking, etc.

Over one of the finest Indian meals I’ve ever had, prepared by his private chef, he told us how he’d made his money. As a young man he started a business making reflective signs. He sold these signs mainly to Government departments which needed road signs.

But one day he got a flash of – yes, intuition. He noticed that car number plates were at that time just aluminium, and they deteriorated quickly. There are over 250 million vehicles registered in India, and millions requiring number plates each week.

So he spent six years getting the laws changed throughout all the various states and districts in India, requiring into be compulsory to have reflective number plates. Now he is the major manufacturer of these number plates not only in India, but throughout the world.

He and Pradeep have been friends for more than forty years. They grew up together as kids. They both had no money.

Before dinner Pradeep extolled the virtues of my film to his friend, and urged me to show him the sizzle reel, which I did. He loved it, and said it would be a success.

Pradeep then got on his mobile, dialled a number, then quickly handed me the phone. Here, he said, it’s Bikram Choudry. He is my good friend. He owns some yoga schools. He is in LA – speak to him.

(Pradeep talking to Bikram)

Pradeep talking to bikram

He thrust the phone at me and I was suddenly talking to the legendary Bikram, from Bikram Yoga. He asked when I was coming to Los Angeles, and gave me his private phone number and email and told me to contact him when I was in America, and we would meet and discuss the film.


Bikram is also very good friends with Deepak Chopra, and Pradeep said I should ask that Deepak be in the film as well.

You might ask – is Pradeep and his friend going to put money into my film? I don’t know, and I would never ask them. Already Pradeep is contributing to the film in ways money simply couldn’t buy.

I do need funds now for the next phase of the filming – the Dallas stage – but it will come. It’s come in the past when I’ve needed it, and it will come in the future, I have no doubt, because this film wants to be made. I feel that very strongly. It’s now champing at the bit, eager to move forward. I’m just holding the reigns.

So today we fly to Italy, and begin to look at intuition from a Christian perspective. Once again, just as was the case when I set off for India, I have nothing planned, nothing lined up. All I have is that contact with the Vatican photographer that I met at the Rishikesh Parmarth ashram. I’ve since been in touch with him and he’s already started to help me.

I’m not anxious. I trust that the cosmos, the cosmic rays, will guide me.

They’ve done a damn good job so far…



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  1. Ciao! Berrò per un viaggio molto proficuo in Italia! Buona fortuna!
    (I’ll drink to a very fruitful time in Italy! Good fortune!)


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