Day 14 – Dharamsala / a monk tells me why….

This morning again started early – but in editing.

With Rachit’s help (it turns out he’s quite an accomplished editor, amongst his other talents) I’m putting together an edited excerpt of the astrologer’s prediction – how if I go to Dallas on November 23rd, immense wealth will begin to rain down on me.

That edit should be completed by tomorrow, and I’ll put it up on a link for you all to see.

We then drove to a nearby monastery where I did a wonderful interview with a Buddhist monk and scholar, who gave it to me straight about the voice. He knew what it was, and where it came from.

And when I asked him WHY? he told me that it wasn’t my time to go because my work on this earthly plane was not yet done. Of course I asked him what work, and he said good work, for humankind. But it was up to me. He said I’d been given an opportunity, and now it was up to me to make good use of that opportunity.

it was quite a wide ranging interview, and I found it fascinating talking to this esteemed monk – and later when the film is done I’ll probably offer the entire interview in special features.

imageWe then filmed in the Tibetan Studies Library and Archives – where they store Buddhist scriptures that go back to the 1500s. The Archivist brought out some of the records which were so old we couldn’t touch them without them crumbling.


Right now I’m sitting in a little cage while it pours down outside. An elderly Tibetan lady came to our table selling bangles and souvenirs. Much as we didn’t want or need any of what she was selling, we still brought some stuff because it was a way of giving her some money with dignity.


She then sat down with is and Jennifer showed her some of her photos of Tibetan textiles which shed taken. They sat laughing and chatting until the lights went out.


A little story to finish: while in Delhi I had an intuitive flash that we should change hotels and stay at another place called The Lalit. I’ve stayed in The Lalit before – it’s a big luxurious hotel near to where we’re staying in Connaught Place.

I always choose where we’re to stay by following my PGS, and I got this impulse to stay at the Lalit when we come back to Delhi. It seemed odd because I’ve been making hotel choices in part based on price – its inappropriate on this film to stay at fancy digs, and so this impulse was odd.

Having stayed at The Lalit before, I knew that I could probably get a big discount and so the price would not be an issue – so I mentioned it to Jennifer. She told me firmly that we should not stay at The Lalit, and we should keep our booking at the Raddison and not change it.

This morning I got a call out of the blue from my billionaire mate. He told me he was coming to Delhi tomorrow and he was staying at The Lalit – and asked where I was staying, when I told him he admonished me, and said I should be staying at The Lalit, so it would be easier for us to meet and talk.


Id had that impulse but Jennifer had overruled it.

When I mentioned this, she was floored. And she vowed she would never interfere with my PGS again. And I made a quiet vow to myself that I should follow my impulses and not be swayed by anyone else – even Jennifer.

In the whole scheme of things, whether we stay there at the Lalit or not is no big deal, but if you acknowledge that everything is a sign, which is what Swamiji told me in Rishikesh, then perhaps this is a precursor sign – to remind me that I must stick to my intuitive guns.

I don’t know.

As they say, the more I know the less I know…


5 thoughts on “Day 14 – Dharamsala / a monk tells me why….

  1. Bill,
    It will be so great to see the link on the astrologer’s interview. As you know, I am very interested and intrigued by their predictions.
    As for listening to your PGS, doesn’t it always turn out that way?
    I’m betting the picture is a window.


  2. It’s an important point Bill, how we let ourselves be swayed by others. Our journey is really our own but still involves other people who have their own journey. I have seen over the years that I make good decisions for myself but my judgement gets clouded when there are other people involved. Great journey. Keep at it.

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