Day 6 – Bombay to Delhi

Today Jennifer was left speechless.

As we exited the luxury high rise apartment of another hugely wealthy businessman, who had hosted us to a sumptuous breakfast of south Indian cuisine, she turned to me and said: There are very few times when I’m incapable of speech, but now is one of them.

What made her speechless?

Let me explain:

The man we had breakfast with is a very successful businessman. One of his many holdings is a luxury five star hotel complex on the beach at Juhu – prime real estate estimated to be worth in excess of US$5b.

He also owns tv stations and finance companies and sundry other investments.

He started with nothing and he told us this morning that he’s used his intuition to get to where he is now. When I showed him my sizzle reel for PGS, he was deeply affected. And immediately said he wanted to invest.

Tomorrow we’re to meet the head of his tv channel to further discuss – but in the meantime he’s lining up interviews for us with some real heavy hitters, including Bikram Chowdry (of Bikram Yoga fame) and possibly Deepak Chopra. These are to be done in Los Angeles.

He’s also connected us with one of the world’s great spiritual gurus, Baba Ram Dev, and some key people in Rishikesh, where we’ll be on Friday. Rishikesh is a sacred town on the Ganges.

I told him what the astrologer said – about how I must go to Dallas – and he said it’s true. He’s done the same thing, gone to a place which an astrologer has said he must go, and under the strangest of circumstances he’s accumulated wealth.

Jennifer and I left his apartment with him avowing his support for me, and for the film. And saying that he will accompany us on our further travels around the world too.

I wonder if that means he’s coming to Dallas?

In the afternoon we flew to Delhi, checked into a hotel in Connaught Place, and then went out to meet a researcher who will be doing some work for us on the next stages of the film. A very impressive young man.

We then had dinner with an old friend, the First Assistant Director on THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL and ZERO DARK THIRTY. He was 2nd Assistant Director on SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

We had a wonderful dinner in a very funky part of Delhi – an artists enclave in an old workers’ colony which has since been gentrified. He provided logistic help for this next stage of the production, and is lining up some key interviewees.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t line anything up before I left home. I just trusted that the right people would come along when I needed them. When the film needed them. I’m making this film by playing by the rules, and the rules are that I’m to be intuitively led.

I’m making this film by trusting that my PGS will guide me to the right people.

And that’s what’s happening.

I left Sydney with just one phone number. That was the number of Dr. Bhatt, who ended up doing my astrological charts, and telling me I had to go to Dallas on November 23rd.

Everything is aligning faster than I could have hoped.

It’s left Jennifer speechless.

Ganesha through screen





22 thoughts on “Day 6 – Bombay to Delhi

  1. Bill
    Again I am Wowed! A big high five and thumbs up my friends! The force is clearly with you 🙂


  2. OMG! I can’t believe how connected your intuition is to all in India and I guess for the rest of the world too. Amazing things are happening with yet the best to come!
    Glad you are making this film. The rest of us need to know how to connect with our PGS!
    So glad this is happening for you two! You really deserve good fortune.


  3. My words do not adequately allow me to express the range of emotions I felt when I read your latest post. I felt something deep within which I simply cannot describe. It was, however, a warm feeling which was followed by a complete sense of calm. I love reading that good things are happening to people I care about. I know we have never met, but I feel such an emotional attachment to you, Jen, and the others who share on this blog. I just feel such peace after reading this post. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Know that if you need any help I can provide, I will answer the call. Hugs. Julie

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    • Julie,
      I know how you feel. It seems kind odd to me but the emotional attachment that I have to Bill, Jen and the PGS family seems to have given me some purpose. Since the work I do is on the computer, I find myself checking it constantly for posts. I sure miss the little ding and pop up the computer used to give when you had new email. First cup of coffee in the morning is consumed while reading all the posts from overnight on the blog and before lights out at night – the blog is the last thing I read. I am so glad that good things are happening to Bill and Jen with the promise of much more to come. I don’t want to sound like a stalker but I am so glad they have come into my and Dales lives and we too would do anything for them within our power. (Sorry Bill if that sounds like a stalker or too gushy). They are very good people!

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      • That’s very sweet of you Lynda – and Dale too – thank you.

        Jennifer and I are just jumping across a stream, mossy stone by mossy stone. Trying not to slip and fall into the water.



  4. Hi Bill and Jennifer
    Whats an incredible and intéresting life you have ! And what is next should be like a novel.Seems that it is like on the start by a first step and you follow the arrows.Well you have a lot of arrows in sight which is good.Just have to trust.Go to Dallas.Bises

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    • Dear Marie – lovely to hear from you! I have been thinking about you lately, and jen and I often reminisce about you and our walk together!

      Yes you are right – we’re just following the arrows. That’s a good way of putting it. And yes, we will go to Dallas. It is something I must do. I have no choice. Just like I have had no choice in making this film. Bises back!! Bill

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  5. Bill, you never cease to amaze, entertain and enlighten us through your postings, vivid descriptions, wit and humour. We are on yet another incredible journey through your words and images.
    Once again, I am enjoying breakfast with Bill. Not quite a Camino, but as Marie described it, you are following the arrows. They just happen to be in a different format right now.
    Blessings to you and Jennifer.

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    • Hey Anne – lovely to hear from you again. Yes this is a bit of a wild ride I’m on, isn’t it. I just wake up of a morning and don’t know how the day is going to unfold – but I trust that it will do so in ways that will only be good for me.

      In reply to your next comment, yes eleven years without the Swannies would be hard to take, but I guess if I was that wealthy I could put on a private jet and have them and the Hawks come to Dallas and do a command performance for me! haha – crazy!!

      Thank you for that reference to Matthew. There are so many similarities between sayings and scriptures in Christianity, in Buddhism, and in the Vedas and ancient Hindu texts.It’s as if the same hand wrote the one song sheet…

      Thanks for posting…


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