Day 5 – Bombay; an Astrologer’s prediction…

Each day gets more and more bizarre.

Today I continued filming with my billionaire friend, who is also an accomplished astrologer. He has lived by his astrological charts – his mathematics, as he calls it – and he has based his business decisions around them too. His stars have led him to immeasurable wealth.

It’s taken him several weeks to do my charts – based on the exact time and location of my birth – and today he gave me the results.

Firstly, he told me in chilling detail what’s unfolded in the past twenty years of my life. Not personal things, things that he could have known from some other source, but broad-stroke shifts in my life that no-one other than my wife and close family would know. Seismic things.

He was unerringly accurate.

Then he told me what was in store for me.

He told me that I had to go to Dallas on the 23rd of November, and stay there for 15 days, and wonderful things would begin to unfold for me. I was to go without money, and stay in a cheap motel. My wife Jennifer could carry money, but I could not.

He said that his reading was that I was a “good soul” who wanted to bring goodness to the world, and in doing that I would quickly amass wealth. Enormous wealth, he said. I would accumulate considerable assets, but I would also be very charitable.

But only if I went to Dallas on November 23rd, without any money, and stayed for fifteen days. If after fifteen days good things started to happen, then I was to stay for a further thirty days. And a further thirty days. For up to eleven years.

He said there were three places on earth where the cosmic rays would shine on me beneficially – Dallas was the most propitious, but then there was a place called Muscogee in Georgia, and Panama. But Dallas was the number one spot.

He said that my period of beneficence started in 2012 – and I had sixteen years. So two years has already elapsed. He told me that if I didn’t want to go, then he would pay for me to go – he felt that strongly that this was the best thing for me.

So what do I do?
Is this man the emissary of my divine guidance?
What would you do?

Here’s what I’m going to do: as soon as he said Dallas, something pinged inside me. I knew immediately that even though I didn’t understand it, even though it made no sense at all, I had to go to Dallas and do exactly what he told me – arrive on November 23rd, get the free airport shuttle, stay in a cheap motel, and trust that the “cosmic rays” will shine down on me.


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  1. Jennifer never tells me to do anything. She tells me to do what feels right. Which is what I do. And have done, for quite some time now… and it’s led me here, to this man, who has told me this.


    • Bill, you do realize, I hope, my response was a bit tongue in cheek!

      His matrix is interesting, considering you might be away from down under for up to 11 years.

      That “what If” would give me sleepless nights.

      As always, I know you will follow your guidance system. Light and Love Ingrid


      • Hi Ingrid – oops, sorry if my response came back too harsh. It wasn’t intended. But Jennifer rarely tells me what to do. I often ask her advice, of course, because she’s the wisest person I know. But she always concludes by saying that I must do what feels right for me. She’s amazing.


  2. Bill,
    The medium I go to is an Astrologer. Before she channels, she will create and read her client’s astrological chart which she will create when the appointment is made. Yes, it does take that long for a proper chart to be created.
    I’ve been to her many times, the first time she was spot on exactly as you describe your billionaire friend with events in my life to date. And each subsequent time I visited her she looked at my chart on that exact day and into the future.
    She has told me similar things and yes, they have all worked out for me exactly as she said they would.
    I am a believer! – go to Dallas in November – I’m sure you will not be disappointed!


    • Hi Arlene – I remember you telling me about your astrologer, and how spot on she’s been. Jennifer and I are going – I knew that the moment he told me. I was led to India, I was led to him – if I am to live intuitively, then I have to follow this lead…

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  3. why the hell not go? If you do, and things don’t work out, you will have had a bit of fun in the Peoples’ Republic of Texas. If you don’t go, you’ll always wonder “what if?”
    But a word to the wise: Muskogee is in Oklahoma, not Georgia.

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    • Hi Patrick – I’m with you mate. And good to know that Muskogee is in Oklahoma – he had spelt it with a c, not a k, and there’s a Muscogee in Georgia. But Oklahoma makes more sense. I hope that you and Julian have now met up.



      • When I read it, I remembered that 23rd Nov in Dallas was JFK’s shooting. But I remembered wrongly. 22nd, of course. God knows

        When I read your piece, Bill, I thought 23rd Nov., in Dallas – JFK killed. But I was wrong.
        22nd. Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis died the same day (No, not in Dallas) – and nobody noticed.
        We may make make what we will of that.

        I’m expecting Julian in around a week.
        But if he reads this, 650 924 192, or
        ….for a heads up.
        so who knows what any of it means? (…Or even what “means”
        ..for a heads up.


  4. Bill
    My thought before I read your response above was that if you had the means to go – you should be there. He doesn’t sound like a crackpot.
    What are you going to do in Dallas? Film, write, edit your film, research?


      • Bill,
        For most people, going to India or Spain or Ireland would be a vacation but for you it is always work, work work.
        Fifteen days of doing “nothing” may be nice for a change. Although I can’t really see you doing “nothing”. I bet you will pack a lot into those days of doing nothing. LOL 🙂

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  5. Damn, why not Houston where you could stay with me. It is pretty close to Dallas in the grand scheme of earthly geography.

    I have never been a big believer in the stars and astrology, but then I am not a billionaire, so maybe there is something for me to learn. I have learned that just because I don’t understand something does not make it untrue.

    Selfishly, I think you should go to Dallas. You can always come visit me and I you. But more importantly, since your current project is the PGS film, hopefully that is where you will accumulate your immeasurable wealth, and being investors, Jill and I will get immeasurably wealthy also. Love riding your coat tails. Better than me working myself. 🙂

    I am so glad I met you Mate. 🙂 🙂


  6. WOW, I hope that all works out for you in the first 15 days (or maybe 30) but really I hope that you don not need to stay past that. Dallas, a nice place to visit for a short time. You can enjoy a good American Thanksgiving though, with Tofurkey LOL! That’s what my veggie son eats sometimes! xo


      • Haha – I’m not averse to eating meat. Remember, the message I got at the Yogananda temple was that I had to give conscious thought to the impact on my eating. Not that I should become vegetarian. Since that time I’ve eaten seafood, but I’ve not eaten “meat” as such – beef, lamb, pork etc… So turkey would be okay, if it was part of a religious or spiritual offering.


    • Thanks Julie. Yes intuition manifests in many forms, not just a “gut feeling,” or through a “voice.” As I said in my post, Dr. Bhatt (his name) might just be a divine messenger.


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