Day 7 – Delhi / more thoughts on Dallas

I’ve had more time now to think about Dallas.

To recap: two days ago a very wealthy businessman – a lawyer who has amassed a fortune through following his astrological charts – read me my charts, based on my exact time and place of birth. He told that I will begin to acquire fame, wealth, and do wonderful things for mankind if I do certain things:

  • I have to go to Dallas on November 23rd
  • I have to take the free airport shuttle
  • I have to stay for fifteen days in a cheap motel
  • I must not carry any money
  • I must do nothing, other than wait.
  • I can’t leave Dallas for that 15 days.
  • If after 15 days something good happens, then I should stay a further 30 days.
  • If something good happens in that 30 days, then I should stay another 30 days.
  • I should stay for eleven years.
  • If I do all these things, I will have more wealth than I could ever imagine.
  • I will become famous.
  • I will be treated like a King.
  • I will have “lands,” meaning many properties, and “conveyances,” meaning many cars.
  • People will respect me and know me to be a good man.
  • I will have a huge impact on humanity in a very beneficial way.
  • My period in the cosmic rays is 16 years, commencing from 2012.
  • I have 14 years left.
  • There are two other places where I can do – Muscogee, and Panama. But Dallas is the number 1 place I must be.

Sitting in the room, as he told me these things, I was of course stunned and confused. And I have to say somewhat sceptical.

More money that I could ever imagine?
Treated like a King?
Lands and conveyances?

But thinking back, when his assistant came into the room and handed him a computer readout with the name of the place where I had to go (based on complex mathematics from the movement of the stars) – and Dr. Bhatt told me that it was Dallas, something immediately pinged inside me. And I knew instantly that there was no choice. I had to do this. I had to go, and do what he told me to do.

Will I become rich?
Will I become famous?
Will I be treated like a King?
Will I get bedbugs from this cheap motel?

A lot of people would scoff at Dr. Bhatt, and say that he’s a crackpot, and it’s all madness, and merely a curiosity.

Some would say: why not? You’ve got nothing to lose.

But that’s the wrong attitude. You can’t go into this with diffidence, saying: what the hell… what have I got to lose. It’s just fifteen days in Dallas. That’s the wrong way to approach this. You have to believe, you have to trust, and you have to know in your heart that this is divine guidance.

I don’t believe Dr. Bhatt is a crackpot, just as I don’t believe that waking up at 4:44am after that incredible dream was not a message that I had to go to India and start filming. Dr. Bhatt is a messenger. And I can either choose to listen to that message and act on it with full belief and intention, or I can choose to say: ah, what the hell. It’s only 15 days.

You either believe, trust and follow, or you don’t.
I believe, I trust, and I will follow.
To Dallas, on November 23rd, to a cheap motel.

Hopefully without bedbugs…


(photo courtesy of Steve McCurry)

11 thoughts on “Day 7 – Delhi / more thoughts on Dallas

  1. Yippikaiyea Mate.

    You gonna be a Texan. BTW, maybe that is why you met me so that I could show you the way once you are in Texas. No stranger than the story you are already telling.

    Can’t wait for the next thrilling episode…….


  2. Bill,
    My astrologer told me March 13, 2016 would be my beginning of time in the cosmic rays. She told me I will receive great recognition, have a good positive experience, either film or be in a documentary and that I should be writing a book telling my story. She said I am a divine conduit for creativity.
    I’ve a few years to wait for my time in the rays – but Bill, I am a believer as well.
    I believe it is time for me to visit her again.


  3. Bill
    You have already done two of those points:

    •People will respect me and know me to be a good man.
    •I will have a huge impact on humanity in a very beneficial way.

    All of the thousands of hits on your blog, your book and all of us following know you two are good people and you have had a great impact on all of our lives. The rest I think, no, I know is coming.

    As for the bedbugs … you’re a pilgrim, you can handle it.

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    • Lynda – thank you, but I don’t deserve anyone’s respect. And I haven’t had a huge impact – a few people have read the book and the blog, and some have evidently been inspired. That’s pleasing. For me, there’s so much more for me to do. I very much appreciate you saying these things though. Like I say, crossing the stream on mossy stones. That’s all.


  4. What a great inclusion in your PGS story that you never expected. The ultimate PGS decision. By the way Bill. Have you thought of trying to see the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala in the north? PGS from a Buddhist perspective and from one of the most spiritual person on earth. He may not be there now though. Just a thought.


    • Hi Brian – that’s the reason I’m going to Dharamsala. I’ve been in contact with the Dalai Lama’s office, and have a meeting lined up. Don’t know yet if I’ll get a meeting with His Holiness. I met Him in Delhi a couple of years ago. Very briefly, but it affected me deeply. And yes, up there the influence of Buddhism is of course predominant.

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  5. Bill, 11 years without the Swannies?
    I am intrigued by this experience of yours, especially as I have a strong Christian background. I wonder how the disciples felt when they heard ” Come, follow me.” Immediately they left their nets and followed him. ( Matthew 4:19)


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