Julian Lord – Half way…

I have now been walking for a month, and expect to walk for about the same.

I am at Santo Domingo de la Calzada, easing into the Meseta, which I will always consider as being the physical heart of the Camino, and as the core of the Camino as I love it most.

As a most delightful surprise, the two Spanish Pilgrims that I met on my first day out of Monaco, at Saint-Gilles near Arles after my train journey, are here, and it is joyous to see them again after a month of hiking.

These two brave young men started from Rome, and BTW walked through Monaco, so that it is a strong Sign to meet them now again here at my own symbolic half way point. There is a sense of fullness to this meeting along the Way, and a sense that we are not here simply walking on our own random and disconnected pathways.

This day feels like a renewal, and as somewhere to both continue and to start again, and like the end of the first part of my current Francès.

The Meseta awaits, and I feel an oncoming change in the weather.

The Toad awaits too, alongside his lovely wife, and tonight’s surprise encounter with these old friends here can surely only bode well for Moratinos …

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13 thoughts on “Julian Lord – Half way…

  1. Julian, yes isnt it so wonderful as the Camino rewards a pilgrim with delightful gifts of renewed friendships. when in Moratinos, please say Hi to Rebekah and Patrick at the Peaceable Kingdom. They gave me shelter and my stay
    with them a lovely memory.
    Unlike yourself, the Meseta for me was dufficult


  2. Julian, the Meseta. Enjoy!! I thought of you today wondering if you knew of the route I discovered up in the French Pyrenees Orientales, near Abbey St Martin de Canagou – just the one sign and nothing else!! Something to check when I’m home in Sydney 🙂


  3. Hello julian je suis ravie d avoir de tes nouvelles.que se passe t il ?plus de messages et ton no de tel aux abonnés non existants.quand tu peux donne moi de tes nouvelles.

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  4. meh, somebody stole my phone, so my future comments will be few and far between

    I am at San Juan de Ortega, and liable to be in Burgos day after tomorrow I hope


    • Well done Jabba! That is an amazing feat to have made it that far considering all the problems and difficulties you have had to face. I’m happy to hear you are safe and sound and have met up with Toad and Rebekah at last.

      Just wish soooooo much that I could be a party to your get together, but hopefully you will both fill us in with some anecdotes of your fun meeting. 🙂

      (This is getting increasingly hard to ‘find’ you with all these articles about India from your friend on this blog to scroll through first. Could you start a new thread?)


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