Camino Portuguese – some aberrant pics

Today we will walk to Padron. Tomorrow we will walk into Santiago.

It’s all gone way too fast.

And yet, when I think back on the day we left Porto, walking up the coast on that beautiful boardwalk, it seems like another lifetime ago.

Here are some pics I quite like, which I haven’t published yet…

boardwalk mark on wall stone alien


castle mouth

red chair on avenue blue veil donna frito truck slippery slide swing

road sign man in lane


fridge meat

11 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese – some aberrant pics

  1. Love the photos, Bill. The rusted playground equipment I find particularly captivating. I cannot believe that the group’s arrival in Santiago is tomorrow. Enjoy the final leg of your journey. Hugs to all. Julie


  2. No wonder people are willing to pay you, when you can take photos like that! 🙂 We want more please!!


  3. Congratulations to all on your magnificent journey, and thank you Bill for carrying us all along in cyberspace. Your amazing photographs and inspirational blog were the high light of my mornings these past few weeks. I hope they will continue post-Camino as well. I can imagine that your hearts will feel heavier than your backpacks when you finally arrive in Santiago and the end of your journey. Thank you again Bill,


    • Thank you Sonia for your very sweet words. I’m pleased you’re getting something out of the blog. Writing it up each day has been important to me.. Bill


  4. How wonderful, you are ending yours and I have about 4 people starting this weekend. Happy Easter to you all! Hugs INgrid


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