Camino Portuguese Day 10 – letting the why catch up.

Bridge with scallop shell

What am I – a pilgrim or a tour organiser?

Steve posed this question yesterday, and also asked why would I want to do more of these?

This tour has been an opportunity for me to walk the Portuguese Camino with a bunch of friends. Some have been people I’ve got to know off the blog, others have been people I’ve only met a couple of times, or not at all.

Julie, Peter and Greg in Pontevedra

Steve and Arlene are like two buddies I’ve known a lifetime, yet never met face to face.

But we’ve all come together as a group in a very profound way.

Jennifer and I are very fortunate in that these are the nicest people – as a group, and individually. Genuinely wonderful caring funny people. That’s made our job soooo much easier.

group shot on bridge into tui

But getting back to Steve’s question: why would I want to do more of these tours?

For me, the Camino is about the transformative power of the soul journey. That’s where the Camino is different to other “walks.”  The Camino carries, with every step, the soul imprint of everyone who’s walked The Way before.

That soul imprint seeps into your very being In sometimes the subtlest of ways, and sometimes explosive ways. I’ve witnessed both with some people in this group, even within this short period of time.

(the soul imprint is the cosmic residue you leave behind – the shadow and echo of the soul connection you make with The Way with each step you take.)

Have I undergone any subtle or explosive transformations? I don’t know. I’ve certainly learnt a lot. I’ve learnt a lot from observing the pilgrims in this group. They’ve taught me heaps.

But as for anything powerfully transformative – well, what I discovered from the previous Camino is that your deeper lessons sometimes blindside you weeks or months after you return home.

I met a fellow today – a young Korean chap. He was walking fast. He’d already walked 40kms when I met him. He’d walked 36kms yesterday. When I asked him why was he walking so fast, he said he didn’t know.

He then told me this was his 4th Camino.

I asked him if he’d done his other Caminos at this blistering (literally) pace.

He said he had.

I asked him why was he walking the Camino. He said he didn’t know. And then I suggested to him that if perhaps he slowed down a little, the answer to his why would catch up to him.

Some of us live fast busy lives. We keep ourselves distracted through furious activity. But we move so fast that we don’t allow our soul to catch us up. We’re disconnected from our true purpose, our true selves.

Slow down, and let the “why” catch you up…

I slowed down today, and took some shots… (from Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis – 23kms.  Two days to go now to Santiago.)

Peter and Greg taking pics arrow on stone by creek Peter Landers by church Sangria lunch Easter treat

Caterina2 Caterina3 Caterina4




7 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese Day 10 – letting the why catch up.

  1. OMG! your first picture is so awesome! If you are still having your contest for the best arrow – YOU WIN!! That is beautiful! Also the last shot!! Sangria it appears. Yum!
    You do have a good group of people but I think all pilgrims are good people. I never met one person on the Camino that was unsavory or disliked. Well, there was one but only one. Remember the saying “Tourists demand – Pilgrims thank”. You are not a tour guide but a pilgrimage guide!
    Love the pictures of all the group.. Looks like everyone is having a fabulous time.

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    • Hi Lynda – thank you for the compliments on the photos! I would though tend to disagree with you about all pilgrims are good people. Some are simply not. They are doing the Camino to learn lessons – I say to inexperienced Camino walkers that just because you are walking The Way, doesn’t mean you have spiritual immunity. There are thieves on the Camino, and there are some very negative nasty people. But that’s why they are walking the Camino, to work all that through… Bill


      • I, like Lynda, have not met a pilgrim I did not. Like. I have met some that I did not desire to spend time with as much as others, but never one who was outright nasty or undesirable. Having said that, I am sure you are right that some might be bad people. I also think many talk about working out issues in their lives along the way, but that does not work out for everyone once they return to their world. But, that is just my perspective. Me, I will reflect on it during my remaining week in Santiago and give it genuine thought. Wonder what I will find?

        I danced a jig up to you and Catarina to demonstrate my sheer delight in seeing you two immediately upon first approaching the cathedral. It must have some deep spiritual meaning upon which I will pontificate this week.


        • hey steve –

          i was responding to Lynda saying that all pilgrims were good people. I said nothing about whether I liked them or not. Totally different thing. I don’t think that by walking the Camino, that automatically makes you a good person. if you have foul intent in your heart, you have it whether or not you’re walking to Santiago. or you’re walking to a corner Seven eleven. Whether I like them or not is not the issue. Like you, I don’t NOT LIKE anyone. I just choose to avoid them. Or ignore them. I move away. Or put up defences against their energies. The Camino doesn’t imbue you automatically with a good heart. You have to work at it, like you have to work at everything. Bill


  2. Sangria again, Bill?! Whatever the possible outcome of imbibing it I hope you’re enjoying every sip 🙂 Yes amazing photos. Might be interesting to see how you ‘see’ some of the sights you already saw last year, different light, different feelings, different angles.


    • Hi Britta – haha, Peter actually bought that jug. It just seemed so beautiful though, against the light. All the different colours and textures. And yes, a comparison to last year would be fascinating… . although the landscape and buildings coming up through Portugal are vastly different. Bill


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