Camino Portuguese Day 11 – a quickie

I’ll make this post quick – because it’s now well after midnight and I have to be up at 5am to leave early – to walk the last day into Santiago.

I will do this post with pictures largely –

I saw Jennifer and Marie leave the hotel in Caldas de Reis from my breakfast table through the window –

Jen and Marie leaving CdR

The walk today was about 23kms, through beautiful wooded glens along leaf strewn paths. It was overcast and at times slightly drizzling – but it never rained.

yellow arrow on tree

tim walkingI walked with a number of people, including Tim and Cathy (delightful people), Steve (a true animal whisperer), I bumped into Jennifer and Marie at a church (where else would those two hang out?) and Angela and Julie, and Julie and Peter.

Look at these faces. These people look happy. This is the Camino. Jennifer and I call it the “Camino Shine.” You can see it in their faces.

Jen and Marie Julie and Peter Angela and Julie

Cathy at chuch steve and arlene at church

This is a magic walk.

It was a long day – our feet were hurting as we walked into Padron, where we knew there was going to be a Good Friday Semana Santa procession. Steve and I bumped into some of the participants dressed up in their gear, walking to the town.

brotherhood in street purple against stone wall

There was a mass at the town’s church, with hooded participants waiting to commence –

hooded girls golden hoods purple hoods in V lined up against wall

This hooded man, while waiting for the procession to start, did a quick check of his emails…

checking emails

The procession wound its way through the street, to the heart pounding beat of drums, and the stamping of the wooden crosses on cobblestones. I am not a Catholic – as I’ve said many times before – but I found this deeply affecting.


carrying mary mary carrying cross

Effigies were carried along in the procession, and you really did get a sense of what it must have been like, carrying Christ to his cross.

body of christ

Tomorrow we enter the holy city of Santiago –

dark church

10 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese Day 11 – a quickie

  1. Yes, Bill, I very much liked your photos and the story they told, but you’re so right, that they and what they portray are also very disturbing. Still that ‘Camino Shine’ says it all and I hope it stays with you all for the rest of this journey and beyond 🙂

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  2. Far out I love those pics (not just of all you happy lot – the procession). I often think it’s a such s shame you have to be religious to be part of a religion – all those costumes are screaming out for me, but I’m a total atheist.


  3. Beautiful photos of everyone and of the procession – what a privilege to be able to witness it.
    On a light note – the photo of the hooded man checking his emails was fabulous – good on you Bill for catching that moment!
    Every best wish to everyone for your walk into Santiago.


  4. Bill – ‘forgot to mention that you might run into our lovely Norelle from our Pilgrims in Sydney group in Santiago. Look out for her – she’s the tall blonde girl with the Canadian accent who you and Jen met at the dinner meeting last year. She’s walked from Pamplona and has had the most wonderful Camino. Fingers crossed that you do! Tell her ‘congratulations’ from me and from Steve and Mike!


  5. Bill, it’s been so enjoyable following your journey through what you have posted and the truly beautiful photos. Everyone on the trip look to be such a lovely person, and I can see why you all bonded so well. Everyone looks very happy as if the Camino has “detoxed” them from all the madness and stress of everyday life. How fortunate for everyone that your trip enabled you all to make such good new friends that probably will become old friends.

    As you all walk into Santiago, there will be so many people who read your blog, who wish they had being able to walk with your group as well.

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  6. Hi Bill, Jen and all your fellow pilgrims, We hope your last day went well. Wishing you all a safe journey home.
    Gary and Linda


  7. Hey Bill I forgot he Drug Scene and you had it with your young man in the street. Ha ha ha well done Liz

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  8. Easter Blessings to you all! I have so enjoyed following your adventures on your fabulous Portuguese Camino and all your cultural experiences! Enjoy your entry into Santiago.


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