Sister Clare – going forward…

I won’t post further on the Sister Clare episode.

I’ve had enough – as I’m sure most of you have too.

I have made a public offer for Sister Clare to do a guest post – her right of reply. I have also sent her a private email informing her of the same.

I have told her privately, as I’ve stated publicly, that whatever she wants me to run, I will run – without any changes or editing. And irrespective of whether I believe it to be true or not.

If she chooses to do that, then I will consider this whole sad and sorry saga over. If she chooses not to respond, then it’s over too.

As I said in a previous comment, there are no winners in all this. Only lessons to be learnt.


12 thoughts on “Sister Clare – going forward…

  1. Hi Bill –
    I can only say thank you for relating the complete story – the time you’ve devoted to this has been extraordinary. It’s evident that the reporting of the facts has been extremely painful for you, to say the very least.
    All your effort, your openness and your honesty is very much appreciated by me.
    I feel very, very sad for Sister Clare.
    My very best wishes to you and Jennifer –


    • Hi Jenny,

      That’s very sweet of you.

      I’m at the airport now and we’re about to fly to Bavaria, in Germany.

      Back in Australia this time next week.

      Through all of this I have only wanted to be fair – and not colour any of the posts with any judgement. I only did this ultimately to protect my reputation, because Sister Clare emailed all those other people with what I believed to be mis-information.



  2. I completely agree with Jenny. It’s one thing to compose your thoughts while at home but on the road with so many things to accomplish while in Spain, Portugal and England it must having been very trying for both you and Jennifer. We appreciate your efforts to reveal the truth. Hope you can enjoy some time while still in Portugal now that this has been laid to rest.


  3. Bill, enjoy Bavaria. It is beautiful and at this time of year, it should be very special. Please take some time with Jennifer to relax, unwind and put the past behind you.
    Thankyou for your attention to detail, your honesty, impartiality and commitment to factual reporting. As a blog follower, I appreciate your effort to maintain this blog as a safe place, where respect, honesty and integrity are expected.
    Blessings and prayers to you both. Look forward to some wonderful food posts now.
    Anne 🌻


    • Dear Anne,

      Many thanks for saying what you’ve said here.

      I’ve wanted to be fair in the reporting of what happened – fair and factual.

      Only then can you and others from an opinion that is based on truth, not slanted misinformation.

      Yes, now back to some fun stuff, like food writing!

      Jennifer and I landed in Frankfurt a couple of hours ago. I picked up a rental car (not a girly car this time!) and have driven to a pretty little historic town on the Rhine, called Rudesheim.

      We’ve just came back from an amazing dinner in a small local restaurant, where I had Weissbeir and fried pork in mushroom cream sauce with Bavarian noodles.

      I will need to do some serious walking when I get back to Australia to take off the kilos!

      Thank you for your prayers, blessings and kind thoughts.

      It means a lot. Bill


      • WOW, I too have been to Rudesheim, but since it was approx 40 years ago I can remember nothing of the food or even the surrounds, except, of course the delicious young American I was showing around! Bavaria is a lovely part of Germany so enjoy all it can offer 🙂


  4. Bill,

    Thank you for the time you took to explain these events to the PGS family. Only time will tell the outcome, whether Sister will reply or not. Frankly, it doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. I believe this matter is completed.

    Please relax and enjoy Bavaria. And take some awesome shots both of food and scenery.

    My D3200 arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to start testing it out. It feels good in my hands, like it was specifically made for me. I think I just may be in love and I haven’t shot a single photo yet!

    Love to you both,


    • Thanks Arlene,

      You’ll love that camera. And it’s good for the Camino because it’s small and light, and yet the image quality is amazing.

      I’ll send you a private email about the lens, because I’ve since had another thought on that.

      Looking forward to next April Arlene, and thank you once again for your very kind words.



  5. Hi Bill,

    I am so sorry that “Sister Clare” disappointed you and Jennifer so much. She spun such convincing and interested tales that she had ( I would think) everyone who reads your blogs sucked in. We all loved her and looked forward to another snippet from her interesting life story that she slowly fed us, even suggesting that she should write a book . She should be ashamed of herself when you and others have been so generous with offering to help her realise her dream of walking the Camino.
    Hopefully this unfortunate episode hasn’t spoilt your trip, just put it behind you ( if you can), and have the most wonderful time in Bavaria.


    • Hi Fran –

      thank you for your thoughts –

      The thing I’ve learnt throughout all this, at least I should say ONE of the things I’ve learnt, is that absolute truth does not exist.

      Truth exists only through the refracted gaze of the observer. Sister Clare has her truth of events, I have mine, you have yours.

      There is no one absolute truth.



  6. Hi Bill,

    A huge thank you for your immense efforts in relaying an honest, detailed and unbiased account of your communications with Sister Clare. It has clearly been deeply distressing for you and all involved and my heart goes out to you all.

    Thank you also for moving on with compassion, focused on the lessons to be learnt and therefore ensuring your blog remains a place of integrity.

    Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing time in beautiful Bavaria

    Love to you & Jennifer


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