The Strange Tale of Sister Clare – Part 6

Sister Clare had presented me with two guest posts, both of which I had refused to publish. Apart from anything else, I did not believe that Sister Clare should conduct herself on the blog as if nothing had happened.

I believed there had to be some kind of tacit acknowledgement, however oblique – and an attempt at atonement.

It irked me that it seemed like she wished to carry as per usual – when as far as I was concerned, there were now very serious questions about her credibility as a nun and as a counsellor and spiritual advisor.

Finally she wrote a confession – what I called a “so-called confession,” because I felt it still contained untruths.

The biggest untruth for me, and something which put into doubt everything which she had proffered as being true, was any reference to a weapon.

In her second email, she’d claimed that a gun had been produced. This to me elevated the whole incident to a much higher level. This was now a robbery at gunpoint. I don’t know the laws of Canada, but I would think that if a gun is produced in a robbery, then it’s considered a more serious crime, and it would attract harsher penalties.

Similarly, if a nun tells me that a gun is produced when she’s robbed of $700 for her rent and heating, then I would regard it more seriously. And I did.

However, Sister Clare was quick to point out that it was raining, there were no witnesses, and so I just have her word, her testimony, that: a) she was robbed, and b) a gun was produced.

I had since proven that her word was not to be trusted. This is why I dismissed her “so-called confession.” I didn’t believe it.

If she’d told me that she’d been panhandled by an old friend, and she’d stupidly fallen for the guy’s story, I would believe that. If she’d told me she’d left the money in a bag in a coffee shop, I would have believed that.

But there were still some inconsistencies in her original story.

She had set up various auto-withdrawals at her bank for periodic payments. Why not the rent? It comes out regularly. It’s presumably a fixed amount. Why would she withdraw rent in cash? Even if she didn’t have an auto-withdrawal in place for her rent, why not electronically transfer the funds?

Rent and heating are two very emotive words.

Had she mentioned these two words specifically to provoke the greatest possible reaction in me? That because she was robbed at gunpoint of her rent and heating, she would then be kicked out of her house in the cold?

Again I come back to my belief that this was all an attempt to solicit funds from me. I might be horribly wrong here, and I might be doing Sister Clare a huge injustice, but that’s what I thought. And nothing Sister Clare has written since has made me change my mind. If anything, it’s only reinforced that belief.

So I sent her this email –

I have forgiven you. I told you that. But I still don’t know what is true. 
In your email exchange to me, before I uncovered your lies – you swore on your vows as a nun that what you were telling me was true. And it wasn’t. 
You said that revealing the name of your armed robber in the police report would compromise your vows as a nun. There was no police report. And there is no evidence that there was even an armed robber. 
In other words, you have consistently used your position as a nun to bolster and justify your lies. 
In your so-called confession post, you omitted one very crucial point – that you claimed your robber produced a gun. So it was an armed robbery. In other words, your confession was also a lie by omission. 
My position is very clear, I will not publish something I know to be untruthful. 
I didn’t ask you to write that confession. That was your idea. But if you want me to publish it, then I want the right to be able to publish the emails so that people can make their own minds up as to what’s true and not true. 
If this were just between you and me, I wouldn’t mind. But I elevated you to an important status on the blog, and on the forum. And you interact not only with me, but with hundreds of other people within the PGS community. You have received their charity. Gifts and cash. 
They trust you because they trust me. I am responsible for everything that goes up on my blog, under my name. I take that responsibility seriously. 
You often post on the blog comments which seek to elicit sympathy and support. I believe that those on the blog need to know what happened, so that they have a context for your future postings. 
If I allowed you to keep posting without the blog being aware of what happened, then I would feel that I was complicit in a deceit. That I too lied by omission. 
So I am offering you the chance to write your own story. But it has to be true. And you have to search within your heart to tell the truth. Because so far you haven’t. 
Right from the start I have tried to help you. I continue to do that. I’m trying to give you the opportunity to square things off now between you and those I represent on the blog. 
It’s up to you to decide what’s best to do. 


At this point, I felt it was important that certain people on the blog – key confidantes, if you like – were made aware of what had happened. I’d become aware that Sister Clare was contacting them separately by private email, and telling a version of events which I did not believe were true.

I sent an email to one person – and I won’t say who – and told that person in detail what had transpired with Sister Clare. I contacted this person specifically because he/she had been particularly involved in the Kit the Nun campaign, and I felt a very real sense of responsibility to those people who had already donated goods and pledged cash to Sister Clare.

I could not allow this to continue, knowing what I now knew about her, and given that I was now considering not taking her on the tour.

I asked this person to hold off sending goods, and not to wire cash to Sister Clare, until these issues were revolved. I used certain words and language in that email, and I suspect it was then forwarded to Sister Clare, because she used that same language in her email to others – which I wasn’t copied on, but which was forwarded to me.

This is all getting messy now, right?

Here’s what she sent to one person –

…I apologise profusely about the lie, try to explain i just wanted support or understanding, but he says he called police, newspaper etc all over Westport and no robbery was reported-so He wants nothing more to do with me, he’s going to call XXXXX and tell XXX not to send anymore camino things (but he had already done that), I can’t go back to the forum, or be a moderator, he closed my gmail account and I can’t go on Camino and he never wants to hear from me again.

Later he says he’s going to publish my email and his so everyone on the blog knows what I did. I say fine, because I want to fix this. Later again he says he won’t do it because that would be punishment and he can’t forgive me if he punishes me

later he says write a guest blog about anything you want, and I can go on Camino. I wrote about my retreat and get-“I gave you an opportunity to write a blog after all you put me through and this is what you do? Think deeply about what you want to say here”So I write about Rachels good thoughts on community. Nothing. I ask if he wants a blog about whtever I want, or something he wants-no reply.So I thought, if this is the end I at least want to thank everyone for benig so generous and kind, Bill too, of course. Sent it, still nothing and it appears he isn’t going to print that one either.

So because after I got robbed I didn’t file a police report, said I did, a lie-and then right away said it was a lie, he doesn’t want anything to do with me, and as far as the Camino goes, I don’t know where I stand.

I’ve cried every day for a week, and I still want to offer myself to that bus.

I don’t mind writing a confessional-but then I wondered i fB ill would think I was trying to garner symaphathy. And why wouldn’t he just ask for that? I have already volunteered to write one, from the very first, because I believe in accountability-and I was wrong.Should I just write one and see if he publishes it?

I wish he would just say what  he needs me to do-I am more than willing, and I’ve told him that, too. I’m lost here-and I really am grateful for your point of view.What would you do ?

I have included all spelling and grammatical errors, and haven’t corrected anything. This gives some indication of the distress she was under when writing this.

Sister Clare then sent this email out to a whole bunch of people. I wasn’t copied –

I am sending you this email about something I feel you should know.I have written a blog about how very grateful I am to each of you, but so far Bill refuses to publish it.I have been banned from the forum, where I am deeply concerned about the prayer requests. I can’t get any answers, so I don’t know what the plan for it is.Although Bill has said if I left the blog people would miss me, he is about to do that, because he says you should be protected from me.And although he has written that I can still go on Camino, I’m pretty sure that is also being withdrawn. And I so very badly wanted to show you how to do Centering Prayer!! I give you my word before God, the Most Holy Sacrament and Blessed Virgin Mary that everything written below is true. I love you each very much, and will always keep you in my prayers.
I want to tell you all about something awful that happened, the stupid and wrong way I handled it, and how doing that hurt Bill, someone I love and respect. I realise I’ll likely also lose the love and respect of many of you, but I will do anything to make things right with Bill, and that comes first.And I am working with my confessor and my spiritual advisor about what I did, and will be receiving their ongoing help.
About a week ago I was robbed. I was coming out of the bank with my rent and heat money, was approached by someone I knew, who walked me to my car, showed me the weapon at his waist, and then stole my money.I sat in the car thinking and praying for a long time. I decided I didn’t want this guy to be prosecuted for many reasons, most of them wrong, but I still think there’s a chance that when things get better for this individual, he will eventually return the money.

I was scared and shaken up and needed to talk to someone, just to get my head on straight and settle down. And I thought of Bill right away because I trust him and he’s always been there for me.I also knew Bill is a standup guy who respects process and responsible decisions, so I did a very stupid, wrong and evil thing.Because I wanted his support and sympathy, which was selfish and manipulative and I still can’t believe I did this-when I told Bill what happened, I also lied and told him I made a police report.

Well Bill is an extraordinarily generous guy, and right away he offered to do some fundraising to get me the money I had lost-and when he said that, an awful part of me that I am deeply ashamed of, wanted that money for a moment or two longer than even I had thought myself capable of.Disgust. And I told him no-and I told him I had lied about making the police report, that I hadn’t made one.And the thing is, because I am stupid and selfish it was only then that I realised how much lying to Bill would have hurt him. Because I needed someone to make me feel better, I lied to one of the best people I have ever known.And I realise no one will likely believe this, but I didn’t turn to Bill because I wanted money.I can swear that unconditionally before the Sacred Blood of Christ.I wanted his attention and sympathy-which is worse, because that’s a piece of his heart that should only be given, not manipulated.
Bill decided that I should no longer be part of the forum and some other things.He has every right to deny me the trip to the Camino. What hurts so much is that I have lost my good friend Bill, and I will do whatever he needs me to do to fix that.I am hoping and praying as fiercely as I can that he will be able to forgive me, and I am hoping with all my heart that he will let me be his friend again, although I don’t deserve that.
I am so very sorry. I am sure some of you now think of me with disgust,and that makes me incredibly sad.I have spent a week in acts of Penance because I need and want to and because my Confessor told me to.I would have done it anyway-but its not helping. I’ve cried a river and can’t stop crying,but that doesn’t make me feel better either.All I can do in reality is go forward with my head hanging down , learn from this shameful mistake and keep praying that one day I’ll get an email from Bill, and because he has an amazing heart, it might say that he forgives me. I don’t have the right to hope he’ll want to be my friend again, but I will pray every day that the impossible happens and he does.I don’t expect him to, but maybe God will take pity on me and help.I apologise to all of you, and ask very very humbly for your forgiveness, to. Its all I can do-and believe me, I know its not nearly enough.
I am so sorry Bill. I am so sorry.
Sister Simon Clare  

You’ll notice that finally there is now a mention of the weapon. But only after I had pointed out to her that it was not in her original confession. That it was a lie by omission.

When I was forwarded this email, I felt I now had no choice but to make this public, and lay everything out for you so you could make up your own mind, with all the facts.

I was concerned that in this last email above, that Sister Clare was positioning me as someone who was persecuting her unjustly. She said: I have been banned from the forum, where I am deeply concerned about the prayer requests. 

There was no way I was going to allow her to continue to have Moderator Permissions on my Forum when I knew her to be a liar. And someone not to be trusted. And for her to say she was worried about the prayer requests – well I saw that as arch manipulation, once again.

She said: Although Bill has said if I left the blog people would miss me, he is about to do that, because he says you should be protected from me.

Damn right I felt people on the blog should be protected from her, especially vulnerable and people seeking spiritual advice and counselling – I felt those people needed to know what I knew about Sister Clare.

And what about the people who had pledged thousands of dollars worth of goods, and in some instances cash, to Sister Clare. They needed to know about her, absolutely. And immediately. Yes, I did need to protect people from her – however Sister Clare in her email positioned those words in such a way as to make me look like I was unfairly hounding her.

She said: although he has written that I can still go on Camino, I’m pretty sure that is also being withdrawn. And I so very badly wanted to show you how to do Centering Prayer!!

Once again she was using her position as a nun to elicit sympathy. And in saying that I would be denying her the opportunity to give Centering Prayer sessions to pilgrims on the tour – as if I was the bad guy who would be preventing those pilgrims from their spiritual development… well, knowing everything that I now knew about Sister Clare, I did not see how I could possibly take her on the tour, presenting her as a spiritual counsellor.

So – after reading this email which she sent out to a whole bunch of you on the blog – I felt I had no choice but to now make this public. I wanted the full version of events to be available, so people could make up their own minds about me and Sister Clare. This is what I wrote to her –

Sister – 

I don’t understand you. 
I had forgiven you. And now you send that email out to everyone. 
I was not going to publish your confession, nor the emails, because I thought it would be damaging to you. 
I was just going to let go the rope, because as Jennifer says the past DOES not exist… but you have forced my hand by sending out that email.
I have no recourse now but to publish everything…

She sent me back this – nothing but this –

So that’s The Strange Tale of Sister Clare. You now have it all. I have tried to keep this series of posts objective and unemotional. I have wanted to present the facts, and my interpretations at various points to explain my actions.

I have not doctored or edited any of the emails – except to redact the name of a person mentioned in this post – and I have not omitted anything. This is the full story.

Sister, if you are reading this, I now give you the blog – a guest post – to write whatever you want. I will not change a word. True or false. Whatever you send me, I will publish.

You now have the right of reply.

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


29 thoughts on “The Strange Tale of Sister Clare – Part 6

  1. None of us comes away from this feeling good. It is food for thought on a camino. Thanks, Bill, for all your effort to set the record straight. I hope that Sister Simon Clare is willing to contribute her perspective directly as well.


    • Clare – I agree with you completely – you’ve said it in a nutshell.
      I just hope that something positive can be salvaged from this.


  2. Ok, I have posted a little in the past couple of days, but waited to the end to see where Bill would take us. I now feel confident that I can say what is on my mind.

    I think we all need to be very very careful here, especially since this is a public blog and there are real human beings involved including Sister Simon Clare and her son. We are all discussing things “among ourselves,” but we do not know if strangers are reading this and could identify the parties involved to the point where someone could cause even more distress or even danger. Regardless of what we all feel about these circumstances, we would all be grief stricken if something happened to a person we have learned to care about here on this blog.

    That being said, I appreciate that Bill worked so hard to measure the facts out in a way that reflected exactly what happened. I truly feel for you, Bill. I try very hard to live in “Truth.” I appreciate people who go to great lengths to objectively look at situations and only discuss things through the veil of “Truth.” I do this myself because I have people close to me who recreate history and embellish the facts to the point where the reality is unrecognizable. It is maddening to everyone around them. In one case there is definitely a mental illness going on (we think it is borderline personality disorder, but all I know is that she is taking anti-depressants and is getting counseling). In another case the person probably just doesn’t think his life is as great as everyone else’s (even though it is great!) so he has to spin a little drama into all of his stories and he gets himself into compromising situations that he blames on other people.

    As for the Internet’s role in all of this, for the past fifteen years, I have been a lead moderator for one of the largest and oldest communities on the Internet ( I have known people who use the Internet to create a more interesting life for themselves, even threatening suicide and other horrible deeds just to get all of their online “friends” stirred up. And like it or not, online communities tend to attract lonely folk, people who are ill (physically and mentally), and those who are housebound for whatever reason (finances, sickness, mental illness, dangerous neighborhoods, lack of transportation, etc…) I have seen countless cases of people manipulating people for money, drugs, Christmas presents for their kids, and even yes, just affection. That isn’t to say that the friendship you find on the Internet can’t be real. My two best friends are people I met on via the Internet, and I cannot imagine my life without them. But like anything else, a person needs to be cautious. I have also had my share of stalkers, a guy who fell in love with me because I was kind to him on the ICN forum, and I have said countless things that people have misinterpreted. I think we have all learned a few of those lessons the hard way, yes?

    Finally, there is a fascinating human nature aspect to these things that can be illustrated best by looking at young celebrities like Britney, Lindsey, and Miley. It starts with them getting legitimate attention for their talents as young artists, but when that attention starts to fade or is diverted to the next young person, they don’t know how to live out of the spotlight so they start to do and say things that literally scream, “Pay.Attention.To.Me.” Believe it or not, I have seen this happen over and over online. People get a little attention for their ideas or their problems or even posting a funny story or picture, and they crave the “likes” or comments or praise or encouragement or whatever. They feel validated, maybe for the first time in a long time. Then there is a lull in the action, so to speak, and they feel like they have to ramp up their game. I am sure that most of the time this is unconscious.This can happen to anyone, of course, but people who do not have a strong sense of themselves or they don’t have good self-esteem, are the ones you will see posting and doing things that, just like the young artists in Hollywood, literally scream, “Pay.Attention.To.Me.”

    I don’t have an answer for any of this. I am just sharing my experiences. For some of you, this is probably old news. For others, who are experiencing the extraordinary dynamics of an online community for the first time, I hope I am helping your see things in a little different light. I am glad that Sister is talking to someone about this. I went back through the personal emails that I exchanged with her, and I didn’t see anything untoward, but then again, I probably didn’t have as much contact with her as other people did just because I have been so busy. Bill, I am happy you have your darling, wise Jennifer to walk with you on this journey. It is a horrible horrible horrible thing to be deceived by someone you love and trust. I have been there…….In this case, the person was also a key player in your Camino journey….one of the most incredible experiences of your life….and I am sure, bless your heart, that even though you used your PGS to help solve some of the mystery, you doubted your own judgment for a moment. I am grateful to see that despite all of this… your final lines….you are trying to remain a pilgrim. To forgive. To love. To let go of the rope so you can continue on your pilgrim journey in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. God is good, people. But for the rest of the world to know that, we have to be good also. Because He is in Us.


    • Julie,

      Thank you for taking the time to write this – for sharing your wisdom and experience, and for helping to put this all into a larger perspective.

      This whole episode has left me totally enervated, but I’m certain that it has impacted much more on Sister Clare, whom I do worry about, constantly.



      • Dear Bill,

        My heart breaks for you…it truly does. Hopefully through the publishing of this situation, you are also experiencing healing love and compassion not only from your sweet wife, but also from the dozens if not hundreds of people who genuinely and deeply care for you. Remember the “Truth” in that…..


        • Thanks Julie –

          This has been difficult for me, but not nearly as difficult as it’s been for Sister Clare.

          I feel very sorry for her – and hope that she can see some good come out of it

          I have separately emailed her asking if she would be prepared now to do a guest post – perhaps she has not been reading the blog.

          I think a guest post from her might clear the air once and for all, and we can all put this to bed and move on and discuss more enriching things…



  3. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
    when first we practice to deceive. . . ”

    Or something like that.

    Bill, Jennifer, this mess had become a distraction to your preparation for the wonderful trip in the Spring. I’m sorry for that.


    Sister Clare says she turned to this blog first, and her on-line friends, in time of crisis. “I was scared and shaken up . . . and I thought of Bill right away. . . ” Not the real people she meets in everyday life, but friends in this invisible community.

    I think this is lonely and sad.

    Bill, I think your suspicion that S.C. was hoping for money from this may be correct. Perhaps she had a legitimate reason for needing it. We may never know.

    If there is one lesson I learned from the Camino (wait, this blog is about the Camino??) it’s that my family of man was ultimately a family of trust, respect, and friendship. We guided each other when we missed direction markers, We sat together and shared meals. We loaned – no, GAVE – money to each other when needed. We provided aid and comfort to each other, often receiving that same aid and comfort in return.

    It was the realest of real worlds.

    S.C., I hope you get to walk the Camino someday. Perhaps not with this group – there’s only so much baggage one can carry and carrying one’s own stuff is heavy enough. Even without you, they’ll be carrying some of your stuff now.

    I think, Bill, you are acting correctly as the head of this blog. You are protecting your reputation and are looking after the interests of those who follow your on-line journey. As a writer, you are super-in-tuned to the nuances of what people say, or try to say, in writing. The written word is how we communicate in a blog.

    Continue keeping a sharp eye out.


    PS – The written manipulations were not very subtle, as you’ve pointed out repeatedly. Reminded me of some of the writings of those infamous “Nigerian Princes” e-mails that still occasionally go around.

    PPS – Sorry, SC, if I’m being grossly unfair. I sincerely hope you find peace and figure out authentic atonement for the distress you’ve caused to people who continue to be your friends. I think we’re all on your side.


    • Hi Kathy –

      I respond to Jennifer’s interpretation, that money is love.

      And I believe Sister Clare was seeking love.

      I hope so, at any rate.

      Thank you for the kind words Kathy – you are a writer too. I know you understand the difficulties I have faced with this.



  4. Bill,

    This entire accounting of what has transpired has been disturbing to say the least. Sister’s final response to you, the link to the funkypickens website, showed me a very disturbed person. More disturbed than I ever imagined.

    From the very beginning I have had red flags go up when reading her comments on the blog as well as on the forum. I can be critical, I will admit that, but reading through this accounting of events has only validated all my feelings. My gut, or PGS has never failed me. When I try to ignore it, my first impulse always proves true, and it most often doesn’t take long to prove so.

    I did try to ignore my initial gut feeling regarding SSC because others on the blog seemed to “approve” of her. I tried to “like” her but there was always that little voice that cautioned me. I tried very hard to not believe my gut because I am Catholic and she is a Nun! Nuns are supposed to be honorable and respected. Their very status within the Church commands reverence.

    When the Kit the Nun campaign started up, I believe I may have been one of the first to jump in and donate. Even though I was preparing for my second Camino, I went to the outdoors store to purchase items for Sister. I posted these items to the coordinator of the campaign so they could be sent to SSC.

    I even purchased a gift card for a RoadID for her, enough for the ID bracelet as well as the cost of shipping from the US to Canada. This gift was sent outside the Kit the Nun campaign, it was directly from me to Sister. I sent the gift card because of her interest after I had mentioned it either in one of my guest blogs or in a comment. She had, I now feel, manipulated me into feeling sorry for her and sending her the gift.

    Shortly afterward, she sent me an email thanking me and saying she now had to figure out how to get her information to RoadID. The RoadID website is very easy to use; when you purchase the item, you need to enter all your medical and personal information before you even can finalize the purchase. This made me think she hadn’t really wanted the RoadID after all, she had wanted the money for it. Again, I put that thought out of my mind because she is a Nun.

    I am sorry to say I believe all my initial instincts had been correct regarding Sister. I am thankful to you for revealing this horrible accounting of events to us.

    I hope Sister finds the help she needs, but spiritually as well as psychologically. I can forgive her, and I do but I cannot forget. I cannot forget what she has done to you, Bill; I cannot forget how she has manipulated this PGS family and I cannot forget how she manipulated me for her own personal gain.



    • Arlene –

      I remember at the time you sending that Road ID card to Sister Clare, and how you responded very quickly when the Kit the Nun campaign began.

      Can I just say this – any act of kindness is never wasted. Acts of kindness to Sister Clare can only help her become a better person. So please don’t feel that your generosity has been wasted. It hasn’t.

      Acts of generosity and kindness elevate the giver more than the receiver, I believe. We can never control what a person does with our acts of kindness – we can only trust that at some time, perhaps years from now, it will work magic.



        • Thanks Julie –

          I think it’s true – that those that give are the greatest beneficiaries of their generosity.



      • Bill,

        I don’t regret my gifts to Sister. I have never given a gift with the hope of anything in return. I am unhappy with the way I had allowed myself to be manipulated when everything inside me said something was wrong.

        Thank you for pointing out acts of kindness are never wasted. I very truthfully needed to hear that now.



        • Arlene –

          you have a huge huge heart.

          There is collateral damage all over the place because of this unpleasant episode.

          I’m looking forward to you and me very soon talking about much more enjoyable things – such as the incredible Grilled Sardines restaurant Jennifer and I found down by the wharves on the outskirts of Porto.

          Never had fish like it in my life!

          (It will go up on the Road Food blog soon!)



  5. Bill,

    I’ve been following your blog since your first initial days on the Camino. I think I only posted once or twice during that time. I may not be a participant but I do look forward to reading your blog entries everyday and I hope to one day in the not so distant future be able to walk the Camino. I guess my point is that although I don’t contribute I feel like I know a number of the members here just from reading.

    I just had to post a reply after these events. All I can say is that I am so sorry for the pain you, this community and Sister Claire has gone through. And to what end? Why do humans complicate things? I think your lovely and wise wife said it best when she told you that the bottom line was that Sister Claire was seeking love. I had a good friend who would always say that nothing under the sun could ever be hidden. I find the timing of this unraveling also interesting. I think in some sort of way the Camino once again applied its ways to what was clearly not a healthy relationship and ultimately gave you, Sister Claire and all of us the opportunity to look at a shadow side of our beings and to forgive.

    Thank you for being so open to your community and doing the responsible thing of posting everything from a neutral standpoint. I hope we all get to see a reply posting from Sister Claire.

    To you and those joining you,
    Buen Camino


    • Marta –

      thank you for coming out and saying these things.

      There is wisdom and compassion in all you say.

      I now look at this as being an opportunity for me to grow, and learn things about myself (sometimes not pretty) and about the human condition generally.

      There are no winners in this – no triumphs and high fives. There is just a deadening sickening feeling that all this was ultimately completely unnecessary.



  6. I don’t know about anyone else, but my brain is full, and it is time to move onto something else. I offer no comments on this incident. I think my earlier ones are adequate and I have not changed my opinions along the way. 🙂



    • Steve, it is interesting you said this. Last night I was greatly disturbed by all of this and couldn’t sleep. Now all I want to do is sleep. I just can’t absorb any more.


  7. All –

    Some strange compulsion brought me back to lurk when part 1 broke then I just had to see what transpired over the last few days. Synchronicity provided me today a quote clearly addressing the exemplary behavior displayed by Bill and commenters alike. All I can add is to note, and emphasize the phrase “…for every heart…”

    “The books in which the Holy Spirit is writing are alive, and every soul is a volume in which the Divine Author makes a revelation of His Word, explaining it, unfolding it, for every heart….. There is not a moment in which God does not present Himself under the cover of some pain to be endured, of some consolation to be enjoyed, or of some duty to be performed. All that takes place within us, around us or through us, contains and conceals His divine action.” Jean-Pierre de Caussade

    Borrowed from Jesse’s Café Americain ( for those of you interested in markets and politics.




  8. How sad. I hope Sister finds the love she so patently can’t find within herself. I hope, Bill and Jennifer, the rest of your journey can make up for these harrowing last few days and that ‘something wonderful’ might be around the next corner. You certainly deserve it! 🙂


    • Thank you Britta –

      It’s been a very full on couple of weeks really, what with all the traveling, and the posts.

      I am now looking forward to Bavaria, having some lovely beers (I never drink beer unless I’m in this neck of the woods) and bringing back some lovely Christmas decorations from this area.

      Looking forward to getting back home now though, too!

      Thanks again, Bill


  9. Woweee. I cannot believe this woman is a nun… (although as you checked out it seems that she is). I mean, even I myself would never ever post that final link around! Weird. (I really want to post an ‘o’ at the end of that word)


    • Hi Natacha –

      yes, the whole thing has been quite bizarre – that’s why my opening sentence was about this being a bizarre tale about a nun, a gun, and a hatful of lies

      Hope all is well with you!



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