16 thoughts on “World’s Cheapest Airline

  1. Hahaha
    I can but imagine – then again I guess they pretty much take everyone for a ride!

    I figure they don’t take you for tooo much of a ride though Bill – you’re way too in touch with your PGS for that!

    Safe travelling en route to Sydney. Haven’t heard the latest however there is a howling gale here & it’s hot so very tough conditions for fire fighters. Had storms and rain here last night however, if the fire zones got rain I doubt it was enough to substantially ease the situation.



    • Hi Janet –

      yes, I know my way around most contracts now. And having dealt with some Hollywood Studios, I know how their “creative accountancy” practices work!

      I’ve been keeping an eye on the fire situation too – just saw that the Pacific Highway is closed. The wind here in Mudgee is picking up too. I think Jen and I will head off very early tomorrow morning.

      The drs. appointment is 12pm at St.Leonards. Usually it takes 4 hrs drive, but I think there could be some road delays, so I think we’ll head off around 6am.

      I hope for everyone’s sake the winds don’t cause too many problems this afternoon.



  2. So, Bill, have you taken out the name rights to ‘PGS’? … otherwise, you’d better not get too popular with the PGS moniker, or Pegagus might ask you to desist!! Hope the trip down was not too hard. I came back from the ACT on Sunday, thinking we’d have problems, but were very lucky and had a both quick and easy (traffic-wise) trip, so you can get lucky 🙂


    • Hi Britta.

      Head down to Sydney tomorrow – leave at 6am to get to the neurologist by midday. Factoring in some delays if the fires flare up overnight.

      Today wasn’t as bad as everyone predicted.

      Fortunately the numbness in my left foot is almost gone now but the walk certainly took its toll on me – with the foot and the knee. It’s also cost me a fair bit in doctor’s fees and medicines and brace.

      But I’d do it again in a flash !

      Re PGS – I know you’re joshing – but legally it’s interesting what you can protect and what you can’t. For instance, there’s no way you can copyright the title of a film or a book. You can take out a trademark, but that’s entirely different and it’s not cheap.

      For instance JK Rowling would probably have Harry Potter trademarked. And Spielberg would probably have ET trademarked.

      But I think I need PGS to earn me some money before I consider that!



  3. I couldn’t resist looking him up for a quick review of my mythology. (Just the lazy way, on wikipedia.) Through the ages he as been a muse, an inspiration and a ride to the home of the great god Zeus. Sounds like your PGS is backed up by a great tradition. No wonder it served you so well on the Camino and now in the book. 🙂


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