Bushfires are Army’s fault

It's been revealed that the massive and destructive bush fires that have swept through the mountains behind Sydney this past week were caused by the Army – letting off explosives in a training exercise.


For those who have lost their houses, there will be a lot of anger.

The firefighters who have risked their lives battling these blazes will be angry too.

What about all the livestock that was incinerated?

And what about the taxpayers, who will have to foot the bill for tens of millions of dollars?

I see a class action coming on…


11 thoughts on “Bushfires are Army’s fault

  1. A sad and costly mistake that will take a toll in many ways and for a very long time. God’s peace to those who lost homes and family.


    • Indeed Sister,

      And welcome back to the blog after your retreat.

      Children here aged 14 are prosecuted by the courts for lighting fires during fire bans. These army chiefs should similarly be brought to account.



  2. Hi Bill –
    I shake my head in sadness wondering about the Army’s stupidity in all of this.
    EVERYONE in New South Wales last week knew that as the week went on conditions would deteriorate. As you know, it was all over the media – how could the Army take such a risk and conduct the explosives exercises at such a time?
    I echo Barbara and Sister Clare’s comments – I feel very sad for everyone affected.


  3. Yes, it’ll be interesting to wait for the fall-out and for the recriminations to start flying … what’s betting that they’ll try to get out of being totally to blame? and to see how our new government is going to deal with this? I guess I’m mildly cynical!! I wonder too how the European media might react to this. My brother, the journalist, has already been in touch and although mostly Australia doesn’t get much coverage generally, during bush-fire season and when Mary & Frederik are visiting the interest bumps up!


    • Hi Britta –

      son;t forget when there’s a crocodile attack, or a Great White Shark attack.

      that also gets coverage overseas!

      Evidently Australia is a very dangerous place to live.




        • We in Australia smile at all these documentaries shown on Nat Geo and Cale about all the ways you can die in Australia.

          Deadly funnel web piders, shark attacks, croc attacks, stingers in the sea so small you can barely see them (and will kill you in a few minutes) and let’s not forget all the snakes, deeply octopuses, etc.

          Fact is most people die in Australia from strokes and obesity related illnesses.

          One good thing – we don’t have rampant handgun use – yet…



    • Hi Sandi –

      I think it will be very difficult to mount a class action.

      I’m not a lawyer, of course, but I suspect that they will have to prove criminal negligence.

      The whole situation though was absurd. And I feel very sorry for those who lost houses over it.



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