Who knows what “twerking” means?

I try and keep up with things, particularly changes in language. And terms that seep, or slam, into common usage. And lately I’ve come across this term “twerking.”

Curious, I finally looked it up on Google.

Turns out it means “dancing in a sexually provocative manner.” And a young singer/dancer named Miley Cyrus has brought it into the spotlight with a particularly colourful dance routine that was televised recently.

So I went onto YouTube and I saw this dance.

I didn’t find it skilful, nor did I find it alluring in any way. It wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t provocative. it wasn’t even outrageous. It was just… ugly. And demeaning. Do kids get off on this kind of thing?

I’ve lived through the 60s and the 70s. They were wild times. But they were extraordinarily inventive and creative times. There’s never been a more fertile time for music. And for movies. And for artistic expression generally.

I’m glad I found out what twerking means. I feel I can go to sleep tonight knowing that I’m on top of what’s happening outside of the Camino!

Perhaps there is twerking on the Camino. If anyone has seen a twerker on the Camino, can they please post on this blog?

Am I getting old? Yes. Am I getting like my grandparents when I was 16?

God I hope not.


5 thoughts on “Twerking

  1. I agree the 60’s and 70’s were times of great creativity. My kids like the music from that era the best, saying it is far better than what is being put out there now.

    Don’t you find sometimes you just want to go live on a little island in your own world? And not deal with stuff anymore? I guess it has been ever thus…as we grow older we value things differently. Or value different things.

    Am I heading for a senior’s residence???

    Never saw any twerking on the Camino. Everyone seemed too tired to move, let alone twerk!


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