Can I ask a favour?

My book The Way, My Way, is now up on iBooks – finally!

Kindle (Amazon) and iBooks (Apple) are the biggest sellers of e-books on the internet. 

Can I ask you all a big favour – the book on iBooks has no reviews. Those of you who kindly posted amazing 5 star reviews on the Kindle site, can I ask you to do the same on the iBooks site?  (You access it through Apple’s iTunes – both from a Mac & PC)

And those of you who haven’t yet written a review – can you do so on iBooks?

Having these reviews helps enormously in getting the book out to a wider audience. 

Thank you, in anticipation…

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15 thoughts on “Can I ask a favour?

  1. Bill, I love technology and find my way around it most of the time but I am challenged by trying to write a review for your book in iBooks . Do you have to purchase first? Incidentally it is $ 6.99. Please guide me.
    Anne 🐌


    • Hi Anne –

      Yes, I notice that it’s a higher price on iBooks too. I’ve asked the formatter guy, who uploaded it, why that is…

      The price has to be consistent across all sellers, and it’s $5.79 on Kindle.

      I don’t believe you have to buy the book on iBooks to review it. I hope not anyway!!

      By the way – I went through your typo list, which was really helpful, thank you – and made the changes. Then I lost my Evernote list of those changes, and went through the manuscript again – and do you know what/ Just about every typo that you noted, I missed the second time around. I had to go back to your list again and correct them.

      It’s interesting what your eye sees and misses. I’ve now read that manuscript countless times – COUNTLESS times – and there are still typos that I miss. Like the ones you pointed out in your list.

      It’s crazy that. The eye sees what it wants to see, and dismisses what it wants to dismiss.

      I find this all the time when it comes to the end credits of one of my movies. We go over the end credit forensically to check for misspelt names. Because if you misspell a name on a movie credit roll, it’s there forever. You can’t change it. And it comes up on IMDb misspelt too.

      And almost every time, we miss things. So now I always send the end credit roll out to several people, for them to read it with different eyes, because they see things that we in the production office miss.



  2. Hi Bill, I’m not sure but i think that you can’t get into ibooks unless you have the app. I Just went to the site and went around in circles and couldn’t get to ibooks. I can get to itunes but not ibooks 😦

    If you find a way let me know I I will go back in and try to write a review.



      • I thought so Bill, I don’t have either so I won’t be able to post a review on ibooks. I’m almost finished the book, I have a library book that I’m trying to get through before I have to take it back. So I haven’t been able to really sit down and read your book properly. Which I really want to do. I should be finished the library book this weekend and then will sit down with your’s and really read it. And then of course do the reviews.

        Emily xo


    • Emily I’m not sure if this will work but give it a shot.

      On your computer open iTunes. Search for The Way, My Way. Scroll down all of the apps, music etc till you get to the books. Click on Bill’s book and then it should offer you the opportunity to rate it.



  3. Phew….Okay I’ve finally finished the book and I’ve left a review on iBooks. I’m not the greatest with words so I hope the review is OK.

    Also Bill, you mentioned in a post sometime last week that you will be at the Uni next week. If you have time to catch up while you are here I’d love to meet you.


    • Hi Donna –

      yes the review was published – it’s a cracker, thank you!!

      Yes, I’ll be in Brissie from Monday evening. Staying with my brother in Manly Monday and Tuesday, and my sister in Chelmer Wednesday through to Friday. Saturday Jen and I drive back.

      I’ll be doing QUT stuff Tues, Thurs and Friday.

      How about you give me a call – 0412 944 777 and let’s see if we can meet up?

      That would be great!



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