Changes to the blog –

You might have noticed some strange activity on the blog these last couple of days –

And you might have seen that the blog looks slightly different.

The brilliant young lady who does my internet stuff, Natacha, has been working to make the blog and the forum more streamlined. They are now integrated, so you can access the forum from the blog and vice versa –

As well, the forum has been inundated with spam in recent weeks, and I had clumsily tried to stop it, but in the process I made it difficult for some genuine users to log in, or stay on the forum. Natacha has now gone in and tidied all this up.

Not only that, but she’s also installed some heavy duty anti-spam software which should nix the spammers once and for all. Arlene was knocking out sometimes 20-30 spam posts per night – this should put an end to that.

So in short, it’s now safe to go back onto the forum. And as I say, it can be accessed from the blog, and the blog can be accessed from the forum.

Natacha is a national living treasure – and I take this opportunity to thank her.


1 thought on “Changes to the blog –

  1. Bill

    Yes Natacha surely is a treasure. I would call her a tech wizard!

    I haven’t yet tried out accessing the blog from the forum or vice versa but you know I will. It surely will make it simple for me while on Camino as well as on tablet or smartphone only.



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