PC #108 – Some photos from today

This morning I went for a walk with my brother, Bob.

There is a creek at the back of the motel, and a pathway, which every year we follow, and it seems that each year it takes us some place different.

This time it took us to a railway bridge, which we climbed up to. I ended up walking about 4kms, and even though my knee was sore, it didn’t stop me enjoying the walk immensely – the longest walk I’ve had since doing the Camino.

Below are shots of my brother, my mother, my niece and Jennifer – as well as some shots around town – Stanthorpe.

Post box on ground House Escapes Niece TAB Hungry Rocks & bridge Arrow Mum Jennifer #1

Bob on Rock

4 thoughts on “PC #108 – Some photos from today

  1. Great photos, Bill! I think it is wonderful that you were able to walk 4 km without too much pain, and without your brace or the shots. That is such a good sign! Glad you are enjoying your visit with your family. Personally, I’d be lining up for that roast beef dinner! I don’t eat much red meat anymore, and I felt like Pavlov’s dog when I read that menu. Cheers! Julie


    • haha yes Julie, the walk yesterday was great.

      But I realise how much conditioning I’ve lost – just in a few months!

      When I return home I’m going to have to get fit again!

      The dinner last night was spectacular by the way. Calorific up the whazoo, but great!



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