On the Eve of her next Camino! Guest Blog – Arlene

Arlene will be leaving in a day to walk her second Camino.

I have asked her to do a guest blog on the eve of her departure, to give us some indication of how she’s feeling about it all.

It will be fascinating to follow her journey – and I will regularly reblog her blog onto this site –  but as she’s about to head off I wish her love, and safe travels, and I hope she has the best time!!  Bill


Logrono – Santiago de Compostela – Finisterre – Muxia

Well, here it is the eve of my departure to the Camino.  There are a million thoughts rushing through my mind as I check off the items on the “Must Do List” for the hundredth time.

Check – Exchange US dollars for a beginning supply of Euros

Check – Arrange for auto pay of my utility bills

Check – Notify the bank of debit card usage in Spain

Check – Arrange for mail to be picked up

Check – Confirm airline reservations

Check – Arrange for neighbor to check house and drive car weekly

Check – Pack cell phone, tablet, camera, Garmin and charging devices

Check, check and check – Another hundred items off the “List”

Thankfully the backpack has been ready for quite some time and put into its own special Osprey Airport Duffle Bag along with the trekking poles. (Thanks, PGS family for helping with that decision.)  I am, however, contemplating adding a Gore Tex jacket.

Naturally, I am anxious about the Camino.

Will I have good weather?

Will the training I’ve done be enough?

Will be too jet lagged to begin walking the morning after I arrive in Logrono?

Will I learn to trust my PGS to get me to Santiago de Compostela and then onwards to the Sea?

Will I be able to get in touch with my inner most feelings?

Will I become spiritually enriched?

When Sunday morning arrives, I will board the flight that will ultimately land me in Logrono, Spain on Monday after several flight changes along the way.  I will begin my second Camino Frances on 17 September.

For this Camino, I have promised myself to take my time, to enjoy the sights and wonders along the way.  I have vowed to be open to the miracles of the Camino and to let the true spirit of this ancient pilgrimage bring to me what it will.

My first Camino de Santiago brought me a completely new life, one filled with new family and friends from many different parts of this world.  And if I am lucky, my 2013 Camino will enhance my life even more.

Ultreia ~ Arlene

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31 thoughts on “On the Eve of her next Camino! Guest Blog – Arlene

  1. Arlene, I am so excited for you! I think the most important thing on your list is to take your time and revel in every step. I wish you many new friends, a calm spirit, and good health! Buen Camino, mi amiga! Safe travels! Julie


  2. Arlene, I wish you a restful night with sweet dreams.I know this Camino holds everything you hope for, and I’ll be “praying you ” all along the Way. Blessings, my friend!!


  3. Arlene, I wish you a wonderful Camino – I hope everything goes so well, and that even any glitches will turn out to be your PGS in action, and turn out for the best.
    I am looking forward to following your adventures.

    And I love the photo that accompanies your post – it says it all!
    Buen Camino – Elizabeth


  4. Arlene,
    I look forward to following you on your Camino!! My Camino will be about the same time…only a year from now!! A Gore Tex jacket might come in hardy…it is raining in northern Spain. Enjoy yourself and I wish you travel mercies!!
    Buen Camino


  5. Arlene, as I have already wished
    ” May every step be as smooth as silk and filled with peace and love.”
    You have been such an inspiration. I am really looking forward to meeting you in Santiago de Compostela.
    Travel safely.

    Anne 🙏


  6. dearest Arlene,there is much I would love to say, but I am still out of town at my MIL’s helping her settle into a new apt. and new reality. sending messages on my android is an adventure all on its own.
    For now, I wish you buen camino, ultreia,with all my heart. Light and love, blessed be, Ingrid


  7. Oh Arlene … I know that feeling so well. Excitement, anticipation, adrenalin mixed with anxiety and terror. Once on that plane take deep breaths, calm down, enjoy the movies and know that you’re adventure has started. One step at a time Arlene. Soak up all the good bits, and, anything not so good ….. Just let it go.

    Buen Camino Arlene. I’m so excited for you.



  8. Bill, Julie, Sister, Elizabeth, Debbie, Steve, Anne, Ingrid and Debbie R.,

    Wow, all the love and well wishes that are coming my way from you, my PGS Family, have brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have never felt so much a part of this wonderous group as I do right now.

    I am sure my steps will be as smooth as silk but if they at times are not, the love sent by everyone will lift me up and carry me as long as I need be carried.

    Each and every member of this wonderful family will serve as the wind beneath my wings. You all are truly my Camino Angels and I sincerely wish to thank you one and all.



    • Arlene –

      I would never profess to speak for the entire blog, normally, but in this instance I feel safe in doing so – and saying that we’re all so excited for you, we all wish you a safe Camino without any harm or injury, and we all hope you have a fabulous time and you enjoy yourself!

      And personally, I hope you find what you’re looking for – even though right now you might not even know that you’re looking for something.

      The Camino gifts everyone in different and special ways.



      • Bill,

        I am sure I will enjoy this Camino. And somehow I know this Camino will be golden, I feel this in my bones.

        Yes, I guess I must be looking for something – don’t have a clue as to what it might be though. But there must be a reason I feel the need to keep returning to the Camino.

        I would like all the PGS members to know I love each and every person in this blog family and am so honored to be one of the siblings.

        Thank you all!



    • Neville,

      Thanks for the Buen Camino.

      As for the Garmin; it is a first a watch and then a training device. It records the distance hiked, elevation gained and lost, ambient temperature, my heart rate, etc. Basically it is a device used by many runners, cyclists and hikers to keep track of their fitness gains.

      I am doing this Camino as a Charity Walk for the Tucson Wildlife Center (http://tucsonwildlife.com/help-tucson-wildlife-center-build-a-wildlife-hospital-to-save-lives/) and will be blogging my progress along the way. By wearing the Garmin, I will have a record and be able to accurately report the distance covered each day.



        • Steve,

          The only reason I know of the Garmin GPS watch is through my son the Mountain Bike Racer and his girlfriend who is also a cyclist.

          They insisted I get the Road ID and they both use the Garmin. When it comes to those fitness type things I must give Mike and Jocelyn credit.



      • Thanks Arlene. Never considered wearing a Garmin GPS watch before but given what you wrote I might consider using one next time.

        Best wishes on your charity walk – it is obviously for a good cause.


        • Hi Neville –

          I have one of those watches, which I used for my training walks.

          Mine is a Garmin Forerunner 410 I think. They’re terrific.

          The only issue with them is that the battery only lasts about 6-8hs, and then you have to recharge it. And I didn’t want to take the weight of the charger with me on the walk.

          Plus I wasn’t sure about recharging at albergues etc.

          But they are a fabulous device, and for what Arlene is doing, where she has to measure her walk each day, they’re perfect.



  9. Arlene, the weather so far has been superb. One day of light rain around Pamplona, the rest cool crisp mornings and days just perfect for walking. Today, on our rest day in Santo Domingo, after passing the 200 km mark yesterday, we wish you well. We are enjoying every day, despite the sore feet and the hills, and we are sure you will have a wonderful Camino. Buen Camino, Peter and Maggie (caminoourway.wordpress.com)


    • Hi Peter and Maggie,

      I’m glad to hear the weather has been wonderful.

      Funny you should mention Santo Domingo; I just received an email from the Paradore there advising that the night I will be in Santo Domingo de la Calzada there is the Festival of the Bulls. That will be the 19th of September.

      I thought the running of the bulls was in Pamplona, shows you how much I know.

      I’ll be looking out for you two, who knows our paths may just cross at some point.

      Ultreia y Vaya con Dios,


        • Steve,

          Running with the bulls – that would surely be a sight. I can see the headlines now “Senior Hiker chick runs with Bulls”, kitted out with hiking boots, backpack (for protection) and Garmin on her wrist!

          I wonder if the Garmin would record the speed of being thrust into the air by the bull? I’m sure the heart rate would record way above my maximum range.



  10. Hey my friend,

    I know you are going to have a fabulous journey and we will be right there following your every step. It’s been fun getting to know you on this blog and am glad to have connected with you over the phone as well. We started our Camino on May 17 so we share that with you. One thought though is your duffle bag waterproof? If not you might want to use your rain cover on your backpack or put it in a plastic bag just to be on the safe side I’m sure you will not run across that same rainy weather that we did, but that deluge that come down at the airport in Madrid caused us a lot of extra hassle so just be aware. Prevention you know! But, I’m sure your faith is very strong too, so you should be just fine!! Happy Trails, Arlene. We will be thinking of you.

    Much love,



    • Jill,

      Great thought, I don’t know if the duffel bag is waterproof or not (it is Osprey made specifically for my backpack) but I have put the backpack inside the huge Ziplok which I carry for use in albergues, should that event arise. So now the backpack is protected in case of a downpour from the airport to Logrono.

      I do have an Altus Rain Poncho which will take care of the possible rain during the Camino. That wonderfully has a hump in the back for the backpack so all stays nice and dry.

      It was great speaking with you on the phone and I, too, am happy we have met thanks to Bill’s wonderful blog.

      My final, final tweeking of the pack, to insure the weight stays down is under way. I’m ready and excited to get going!



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