PC #69 – A Strange Vision…

Firstly, thank you to you all for wishing me a happy birthday.

It was incredibly thoughtful, and halfway around the world I felt your kindness and love. So again, my thanks.

A strange thing happened when I woke on the morning I turned sixty. For a moment, just at that transition stage between sleep and wakefulness, I was in the hospital room where I was born, in Wimbledon London.

I looked on at my mother and father – they were so young – and they were so full of love for the baby they'd brought into the world.

It was a very strange sensation, being a witness to this, my birth. Seeing the impact it had on my parents.

And it occurred to me that I should in future turn birthdays around so that it's not a celebration of me, but a celebration of my mother and father – for all that they did to nurture me through childhood and adolescence – for all the sacrifices they made to enable me to be what I am today.

I don't think I'll look at birthdays the same way from now on, after that strange vision just at that moment before the world clutched me from sleep.



1 thought on “PC #69 – A Strange Vision…

  1. Bill,

    What an interesting dream!! And what a great take-away – to make one’s birthday a celebration of one’s parents!

    Quite some time ago, I decided to send flowers to my mom on my birthday. This idea came from an article I’d read in a nationally syndicated column. When my mom got the flowers, she called and said someone had sent flowers to me at her address. When I explained, she didn’t quite understand – many of us are products of long-time habits, and I maybe didn’t elaborate enough in the message with the flowers . As she had time to think about it, though, she was very pleased and delighted!


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