Camino Tour forum

I have now created a special forum for the proposed Camino Tour.

Here is the link:

Please indicate your interest on the topic thread there – and please post any questions or info you might have. Putting it on the forum keeps it separate from the blog and compartmentalised, so it will be easy to access information.

The more I think about the tour, the more I think it’s something I might do. Jennifer would attend too, as would Sister Clare. And it would be from Porto to Santiago.

I think it would be enormous fun!



2 thoughts on “Camino Tour forum

  1. Hi Bill: I cannot post on the newly created forum. WordPress is telling me that “juliecarteraz” is already in use, and to select another username. Here is the response I tried to post:
    I am interested if my physical issues can be worked out by then. I will not need an air-inclusive package. I have no preference on accommodations. As one who was injured on the Camino Frances, I think the van is a great idea! Julie


    • Hi Julie,

      Did you sign in with juliecarteraz? That’s your registered sign in name.

      I’ve been into your user name in the Admin, and everything seems to be ok. All I can suggest is that you flush out your computer’s cache by restarting it, and trying again.

      Let me know if you continue to have probs.



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