PC #69 – A Strange Vision…

Firstly, thank you to you all for wishing me a happy birthday.

It was incredibly thoughtful, and halfway around the world I felt your kindness and love. So again, my thanks.

A strange thing happened when I woke on the morning I turned sixty. For a moment, just at that transition stage between sleep and wakefulness, I was in the hospital room where I was born, in Wimbledon London.

I looked on at my mother and father – they were so young – and they were so full of love for the baby they'd brought into the world.

It was a very strange sensation, being a witness to this, my birth. Seeing the impact it had on my parents.

And it occurred to me that I should in future turn birthdays around so that it's not a celebration of me, but a celebration of my mother and father – for all that they did to nurture me through childhood and adolescence – for all the sacrifices they made to enable me to be what I am today.

I don't think I'll look at birthdays the same way from now on, after that strange vision just at that moment before the world clutched me from sleep.



6 thoughts on “PC #69 – A Strange Vision…

  1. Ah Bill, I totally get this. I will enjoy reading everyone’s comments.

    Food for thought!

    Now how would You feel that after 58 years on this earth, you were handed a box by your parent’s attorney and inside is a very descriptive childlike drawing of mine that turns out to be a copy of a painting I bought in 2003 in Victoria B.C. from one of the artist vendors on the boardwalk and the scene in turn replays during a guided meditation to identify my animal totem – all related to my birth.

    Would you question your sanity or feel that puzzle pieces are finally falling into place?

    There were 2 other items in that box…. all 3 opened doors tightly shut for a long long time and were the final push to heed the call of the Camino and daily impacted my walk.

    Isn’t turning 60 GRAND!

    Light and Love to you all, Ingrid


    • Hi Ingrid –

      tell me more about this box.

      Was it given to you on the death of a parent?

      And what do you make of these “puzzle pieces?”

      Very very intriguing!



      • Bill, I will one day tell you the story (or have you pre-read my manuscript). The box was given 5 years after my mother’s death – a final bequest. My dad had passed decades ago. I am convinced it is not something that my mother had set aside for me, I am now more than ever convinced that it came from my father and probably the only secret he ever had from my mom – a way of clueing me in to answers to questions I had growing up.

        ‘puzzle pieces’ is my expression to fit into place- piece by piece revelations that show themselves when I am ready. A huge chunk of that puzzle was filled in on the Camino.

        I look at my life as a continues circle, starting out small and growing, just like standing on a shore and tossing a pebble into the ocean. It forms a ring, that grows and grows, eventually intermingling with others, growing – never ending. Past, Present, Future – all One! and I as part of that energy, am just a tiny ‘pleep’ in creation, as we all are – but together – so very powerful.

        The trick is, when you meet yourself again, over and over, is to say ‘hello’ with a smile and send yourself off with a Buen Camino.



    • Ingrid, that’s fascinating! Its amazing how our mind and spirit knows all these things we can’t readily access. Sounds to me like your sanity is right on the money!


  2. Ah, Bill, thank you for this post. It brings back found memories. Before my Mom passed away, I would send her a thank you card — and occasionally flowers — on my birthday to thank her for making my world possible. I have always loved my birthday because it means that I have been graced with another year of life. I have not witnessed my birth, but maybe I will on my 60th birthday. You have given me much to hope for! Julie


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