I’m back, baby! Yeah!!

Something woke me this morning at 3:13am. I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I checked my FitBit app – I’d had 3hrs 40 mins sleep. Not enough, even for me. So I checked my emails, of course, as if that was going to put me back to sleep. And I saw that there was an email from WordPress telling me that my stats for this website were booming.

That’s odd, I thought, because anyone reading this blog will know that I have been slack in posting regularly. Slack is too kind a word. I’ve been negligent.

So out of interest, I checked on what it was that was causing my stats to boom. I haven’t posted for quite a long time – since my 14day fast I think – so it wasn’t like I’d just put up a post recently and it had taken off.

I discovered that most of the activity was for the home page, and for my archives. And I discovered something else too – that in all the posts that I’ve published here since walking my first Camino in 2013, there are two posts in particular that keep getting viewed year after year. They are:

Today I woke at 4:44am

Sex on the Camino

These are the two posts that, for some reason, people keep coming back to – and I mean like I’ll get multiple views of these daily, and I mean daily.

So anyway, I lay in bed thinking that I really should get back to writing blogs more regularly, so what I’ve decided to do is this: post twice a week from now on – mid week and weekends.

Some posts might be short, some longer. But what I’ll do is write about all sorts of stuff – stream of consciousness stuff, riffs on what I’m working on, what I’m doing in my home and personal life (to a point!), what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what’s important to me.

I’ll try and avoid any reference to saints setting dwarfs on fire.
(private joke for those who have followed me from way back!)

Anyway, it sounds pretty boring, right?
But I’ll try and make it interesting through my writing.
And by nature of my, at times, off-kilter view of the world.
Oh, and I’ll post an interesting photo with each blog too.

So, dear followers, I’m back, baby!! Yeah!!
Hang on tight ‘cos it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

20 thoughts on “I’m back, baby! Yeah!!

  1. Glad to read you again!! Bon courage for your new book. Bises from France. Envoyé depuis mon mobile Huawei——– Message original ——–Objet : [New post] I’m back, baby! Yeah!!De : PGS the Way À : romarin64@orange.frCc :

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    Bill Bennett posted: ” Something woke me this morning at 3:13am. I couldn’t figure out what it was.

    I checked my FitBit app – I’d had 3hrs 40 mins sleep. Not enough, even for me. So I checked my emails, of course, as if that was going to put me back to sleep. And I saw that”


    • Hey Marie – lovely to connect again! The phone call we did a while ago was wonderful too! Hope everything is well with you, and you’re staying safe and well! Big hugs and kisses, Bill (and Jennifer too!)

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  2. Hi Austin – whoops – sorry – Bill!

    It’s great to see that you’re back! I’m strapped in for that bumpy ride! There’ve been some absolute doozies in the past – a couple of which you’ve mentioned above – talk about spluttering over my morning cuppa at the memory!

    Are you doing any Camino training with thoughts of another camino at some stage? Oh happy day when those of us who are Caminophiles can once again step out on those magical paths …

    Xxxx to you, Jen and to all your followers –


    • Lovely to hear from you Jenny! And yes, there have been some doozies! haha. I re-read the dwarf post this morning, first time since I posted it I think! Whoa. But as for future Caminos, I really don’t know when that will be possible, not with this delta variant around, even when fully vaccinated. I am though well advanced on my film adaptation of The Way, My Way. When these lockdowns finish we have to do another Camino Angels lunch! bb xx

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      • Hi Bill – it’s great to hear that you’ve made significant progress on the film adaptation of The Way, My Way – it’s going to be a cracker of a film!
        Hmmm – yes – with the delta variant wreaking havoc everywhere, any plans must sadly remain only plans.
        A CA lunch as soon as Lockdown is finished is a cert! I’m looking forward to it already!
        Xxxx to you and Jen.

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  3. Hey Bill,
    Very interesting to receive the two emails from you this afternoon (US time). This morning I received an email from an Irish guy named Leslie Gilmour who sends out a periodic blog, “Camino Adventures”. One of his items today was a review of your book, “The Way, My Way”, which was where I first became familiar with you. When I read this, It occurred to me that I had not seen anything from you for some time now. And then, voila!. Coincidence or some form of intuition? Whatever it was, I’m glad you’re back!

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    • Hey George, great to hear from you! And thanks for that heads up re the book review. That was a cracker wasn’t it. Hope you’re well and staying safe! And thanks for your continued support. Bill

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