14 day fast – a couple of days later ~

It’s been two days now since I broke my fast, and I have to say I feel bloody great.

I broke the fast with an avocado, sprinkled with some apple cider vinegar and Himalayan salt. Later in the morning I had some celery and broccoli soup. Not much at first. I took it easy.

I then had to drive 4hrs to Sydney and I’m so pleased I’d broken the fast because the drive was no problem. Had I still been fasting it would have been way more difficult.

That night we stayed with our daughter and her fella, David. David is an exceptional cook, and I mean exceptional. He’d prepared kangaroo and cous cous, and it was delicious. I had no problem eating it at all!

The next morning I had my early meeting. It was in an outer Sydney suburb, and I wanted to eat before the meeting. The building where the meeting was to be held was next to a train station, and across the street was a Turkish bakery. I asked the baker to batch me up a nice breakfast, so he made me a spinach and cheese pide.

Now, I know – you’re going to say that already I’d broken many of the undertakings I’d set out earlier – no diary, no carbohydrates etc – but I am telling you that pide was amazing. Best breakfast I’ve had in years. It was exactly what I needed heading into that meeting.

Last night it was poached skinless chicken with steamed broccoli. Tonight it’s grilled salmon with cabbage. I’m determined not to yo-yo back to old ways of eating.

So a few things;

I feel wonderful. Full of energy. Sharp. I feel like my body has totally detoxed. Last night I slept all the way through without the aid of Melatonin, and I can’t remember when I last had a full night’s sleep. I feel light and nimble and young. And I feel full of optimism and joy.

If this is what a 14day fast does for you, then I’ll do it again – maybe two a year?

But I also need to now incorporate a daily routine into my schedule. So what I’m thinking is this: a largely keto / Mediterranean diet. And an 18/6 fasting routine. Eat at say 7pm, then not have my next meal till at least 1pm. I might see if I can extend that to 20/4.

I might also look at doing at least a one day fast a week – perhaps Sunday. Whatever I end up doing, I have to do it each day, every day, every week. There’s no point going back to old habits.

This whole exercise has been well worthwhile.
Just think, you can change your life in two weeks.

9 thoughts on “14 day fast – a couple of days later ~

  1. Bill,
    I hit the like button but it was meant for everything but the kangaroo. I’m so looking forward to SEEING not EATING a kangaroo when we finally get to visit Australia.
    Hugs to you both

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  2. I like the look of your new food life, Bill. I too like to do intermittent fasting and definitely find that as I get older, it gets easier!


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