Do what matters ~

At this time of the year, I start to think about how I should best use the next twelve months.

Being someone who has been self-employed since 1982, running a film production company, the decisions I make impact directly on my wife, my family, and my own personal and professional circumstances.

The times when I’ve made these decisions rationally, and based out of fear, have been the times when those years have been tough.

The times when I’ve made the decisions intuitively, and had the courage to follow through with those intuitive choices – well, things have worked out.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of how I can be in service to others.
And by that, I mean: what can I do that ultimately will matter? 

There’s a lot I could do that wouldn’t matter.
And it might well make me a lot of money.

But I’ve learned through hard experience that when I’ve gone down that path, often it hasn’t led to the financial rewards I was expecting, it’s only ever led to difficulties and disappointments.

I’ve learned that if I act in service, then the rewards will follow. And if they don’t, then that’s cool too – at least I’ve contributed something. At least I’ve done something that matters. 

And that’s reward enough for me.

To be in service doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do big things – service can lie in the little things that light up someone else’s life. It’s an energetic transaction.

The energy you get back is the pleasure from giving.

This coming year, think about being in service.
About doing what matters.
The rewards will be wonderful.

Crux de Ferro – Camino de Santiago

5 thoughts on “Do what matters ~

  1. Good, interesting and thought provoking post, Bill, and as you know volunteering is ‘my thing, so I’ll be interested to see what comments you get! In the meantime, have a great NYE and New Year 🙂


  2. Yes that’s what I feel.The more I age the less important is the financial matter and the bigger the focus on the positive consequences of my actions on every living things.Because when I will be ashes that will be the only things that matters.
    Have a rich and meaningful year and a lot of love.,


  3. Bill… So clear and well-said… We have much in common in our perspective on “what matters.” I have been self-employed since I was 19 in 1971 – I’ve never had a job nor worked for anyone except myself. The decisions made rationally, out of fear, do make life tough. It’s the Ego telling you that you have a better system, a better plan, that will lead to your desired outcome (which is usually greed-based). Decisions made intuitively, with courage, no expectations, and followed through on, will surprise you or may even amaze you rather than disappoint. It’s the disappointment that is the toughest emotion to experience since it leads to self-doubt and the inability to take future risks. Do what matters…no matter what or who’s watching. – Linda Deir


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