PGS the Movie online next week!

PGS the movie is coming online next week!

Ever since the film premiered at the Dendy Opera Quays in Sydney a year ago now, and then at the San Rafael Film Centre north of San Francisco in January of this year, audiences have been raving about the film.

Many have called it “life changing,” Caroline Myss – a legend in the field of intuition – called it “truly superb.” Paul Selig says the film is a “major contribution to the awakening of humanity.” Michael Tamura described it as “the finest film ever made on intuition.”

Here is a new 45 second trailer: PGS AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 1st

The film will only be available off the film’s website – and streaming only, to rent or buy. There will be Spanish and German subtitled versions – with more languages to follow. DVDs will be available next year. 

For those of you who have heard about the film but not been able to get to a screening, here’s your chance. 

Here’s the website –

screenshot of the website

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  1. Bill
    Does “streaming only, to rent or buy” mean I can only rent the movie to watch on computer or tv? We can’t buy a copy to actually physically hold in you hand ? Or does the buy part mean you can own a copy sorta like an ebook, you can watch over again?


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