I’m not special ~

In starting off a blog with the title ‘I’m not special,’ it kind of implies that actually I am special, and I know I’m special, and anyone who knows me must also know that I’m special, because bloody hell isn’t it obvious?

I mean, crikey – you’d have to be a total dumb arse if you knew me and weren’t in awe of how special I was.

And in writing a blog titled I’m not special I’m actually pretending to be humble, and that, in a perverse kind of way, makes me even more special.

Does that make sense?

Nah – it doesn’t make much sense to me either. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not special, because we all are special, and that makes none of us special.

I’ve made a movie on intuition, and now I’ve written a book about it too – but that doesn’t make me special. It makes me curious. It just so happens that over the past forty years I’ve developed certain skills that have enabled me to turn that curiosity into films and books. 

I heard a voice early one morning, while driving. It told me to slow down as I was approaching an intersection. A truck ran a red light and nearly killed me.

That voice saved my life. 

I was curious about that voice – so I made a movie about my search to find out what it was. 

And what I discovered was that what happened to me wasn’t so special – many many people have had similar experiences. Most of them just don’t want to talk about it – and none have made a film about it. 

Paul Allen died the other day. Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft, along with Bill Gates.

Paul Allen was 65 – same age as me.  He used his years on this planet in ways different to me. And to you.

Does that make him special? More special than me, or you?

We are all special.

None of us are more or less special than anyone else. We are all part of divine energy and it’s this divine energy that’s special. 

If you want to read my book of the film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System – here is a link to its Amazon site. 

PGStheBook – Amazon

11 thoughts on “I’m not special ~

  1. I’ve seen the movie twice and I’ve almist finished reading your book!

    Thanks for making all this ‘stuff’ accessible to many, many people, and to people who might not have come across these concepts/ideas before. A change is coming!

    Love your work 😉

    Deb x


  2. Bill and Jen,
    No matter what you say – you two are very special to me! (And those reasons have nothing to do with you writing books or making films)
    Just finished “Unholy” need to write you a glowing review and then start PGS which since I’ve seen the movie will surely get a great review as well.
    Lots of hugs


    • You and Dale are very special too Lynda – very special. Thanks also for reading UNHOLY, and reviewing it. Did you enjoy it? What did you think of the ending??

      much love


  3. Hi Bill,
    Just purchased the book on Amazon. I found I still had a gift card credit on my account. I hereby choose to call that my “Special” discount! I’m looking forward to a great read!



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